About Me ~

Cynthia J.

So I’ll tell you a little about me: I’m a mommy of 1 sweet little boy, I’ve lost about 100+ pounds. I married my BFF, my weight loss cheerleader, and my evening after work vent-to man (yes, it’s just one person, I promise) for 7 years now! I’m a Louisiana native, once known as the girl that loved deep fried/covered in gravy/don’t want it on my plate if it ain’t smothered in something not good for me gal!

My weight has been one roller coast ride for me, as far back as I can remember. Yes, I played sports as a kid, and was pretty small in my middle school days but would always find some lame excuse to quit,  I think I just wanted to take the team pic! I was chunky in high school, because was eating too good from the junk food line!

Before having my son, I knew deep down inside I needed to make healthier changes, but I just didn’t want to do it, I figured no way it'll be too hard, too time consuming, I didn't feel like getting up off the couch.....there’s a word for that…..ummm.....I’ll think of it later. 

So, I would often find myself trying any 'quick fix diet'. I attempted Weight Watchers, Atkins, Diet Pills, you name, I tried it. If it was expensive, I went broke trying to get it, having the desperate mindset at this point that the more expensive it was, it just had to work, right?

I was the ‘fat girl’, the biggest of all my friends, when my parents would introduce me to people their first response was, ’wow she’s big for her age’. And now I know they weren’t just speaking of my marvelous height. (it's really not marvelous)

I met my hubby at age 17 and a size 14-16, and I just knew I was a hot something. 


Three years and 3 pants sizes later, we were hitched(2006) and high off young love! Even, at this point in my life I hadn’t seen where my weight was an issue, hey I have a man that loves me and tells me I’m beautiful, who's never once said or mentioned my weight. I could care less about what I was doing to my body, in or out. So, I joined a gym to just call myself doing something; and just like sports, I would make up an excuse to quit. 

By 2007, I was knocked up, and we were over the moon thrilled to share our news of expanding our family! Around week 8, our thrilled news was short lived, I suffered a miscarriage. I felt so hurt and broken hearted when I found out. I started to blame myself for this happening (no, still not facing the fact of my weight), just knowing something was wrong with my body(medically, still haven't touched my unhealthy habits). So like I always do when I’m stressed or feeling down, I began to turn to food to cope and hide feelings. Spencer did any and everything he could to be understanding and there for me. We waited about a one year to try again and I was preggos in no time. We decided not to share the news on baby #2 right away, and boy I’m glad we didn’t because at the 6 week mark, there I was all over again with yet another miscarriage haunting me! 

By this time I just knew I was done, all these feelings were back , but I did not feel hurt, or saddness, this time, I started getting angry....saying things like...I didn’t want any children because I was cursed for whatever reason!! Kids were out of the equation for me and, Spencer was getting no say, and that was that!!! Going thru all of this was something I couldn’t make sense of. I had consulted with what felt like every doctor in the Dallas area and they were all saying I was fine far as I had nothing medically wrong, test after test showed nothing, not one thing that raised a flag. My weight was always mentioned at my appointments, and had been since I was a child, so omitted them saying that even despite all I was going thru. I would often get lectured about my high out of control cholesterol, and my overall way I was treating my body. And still nothing was clicking, denial was still present in my brain. 

To be truthful, I wanted something fixable to be wrong inside my body where it could have been taken care of and they say oh yeah that’s it, no prob we can fix it and all will be well and we could finally have a baby. But nope didn’t happen! It started to seem, with each miscarriage, came more and more food and weight, at this point I was about 250 pounds. The truth why I never really acknowledged my weight aloud, especially in front of Spencer, is because like I said, he never once made me feel bad or seemed like my weight was an issue for him or our marriage, so why would I need to bring out the obvious that I was a fatty? I was thinking if I said or asked him if he thought I was fat, then I would implant a seed and he would probably think that. See, I had some issues! I've shared my crazy thoughts with him throughout the years and he just hugs and kisses me and say he never saw me that way, he loves me for me. Damn I love that man!!
Sorry, I got side tracked....

So, I rejoined the gym in Sept 2009, and there I met Mrs. Eddye who I told my struggles about my past pregnancies. God place people in your life for a reason. Mrs. Eddye suggested I attend her Women’s bible study, with her one Monday night. She would always tell me “We are going to pray that God makes a way that you get pregnant and stay pregnant, despite any obstacles the devil has in front of you and Spencer.” So every week I kept going back to the gym and bible study. My weight came down maybe 5 or so pounds, still about 250 or 245 but I still wasn’t watching what I was eating.

By February 2010, I found out I was pregnant during what I thought I was going in for my routine well woman’s appointment. I was excited, but still hesitant on being too excited. I told Spencer and he was super happy!! Later, I told Mrs. Eddye who continued to pray with me throughout my whole pregnancy, for what she still calls today "Brandon, her bible study baby". 

Months were flying by and baby and I were doing just fine. I went to the doctor for my last appointment before I was induced with Brandon. And of course, they have you step on the scale, ugh really? I wish I hadn’t have, that sucker said 290 pounds…it had to be broke, I’m sure of it. Because I'm no math wiz or nothing, but that's pretty dang close to 300 (I felt my stomach drop)!! But quickly I started thinking, after those looooong 9 months, and worrying if today was the day something could go wrong, with my baby I quickly stopped stressing over that for the time being, I just wanted to hold my son! 
On Sept 30 2010, weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs 6 ounces and 22 inches, came our son!!! We were so happy to have him here, and to hold him for the first time! And just like that, all those past years became a distant memory, because our miracle baby had finally arrived!! 

Fasting forward now....After Bran I dropped all the weight plus some, just by putting him in the stroller sometimes and me taking little walks after dinner. I got to 226 pounds...

…several months later I was up with bran one night and was flicking channels, and came across a TurboFire infomercial, but I'm going to be real with you guys, It wasn't what they were doing on the TV or what she said that stopped my channel surfing...it was the song playing in the background......'pull over that ass is too fat'....I was sold. I jumped across Spencer and got my credit card out and called. Unknowingly, that, that very phone call would change my life forever. Even though, this may sound crazy to some, but that's what I loved about TurboFire, the best instructor and fun music!!!! I received it and immediately, started sweating and jamming in my very own living room, and I had my baby right there the whole time...In no time I was down from 226lbs to 196lbs in 20 weeks! Soon I started changing my diet, taking out the bad and plugging in new things! This once known as the girl that loved deep fried/covered in gravy/don’t want it on my plate if it ain’t smothered in something not good for me gal, was starting to see changes y'all!

2011-2013: I’ve tried several Beachbody DVDs from, Insanity, hip hop abs, Asylum Vol 1, P90x (which I don't care for), and now Focus T25. I use MyFitness pal daily to track my food intake and my workouts (seeing is believing). I absolutely love my heart rate monitor by Polar. I’ve rejoined the gym with my amazing best friends! 

I eat healthier, I laugh, I run, I jump, overall I LIVE, and stopped making excuses and being lazy (see told ya I would think of the word)! 

From 2008 to this very day I have lost about 100+pounds and I couldn’t be happier that I was able to achieve this in my life! I’m weighing in at about 170 and a size 8-10. Even though there has been several things taken place in my life, I had to stop feeling sorry for myself, instead grow and use my story as motivation and inspiration to help someone overcome their trials and tribulations they may be facing. Even today, my baby and husband are always cheering me on, and me and hubby do our DVDs together, which gives us extra family time!!! Please know you are able to achieve great things too, never doubt yourself worth. The Sky is the limit….so why not REACH? I apologize for the length of this. I hope everyone is still awake! 
Last worn when I was pregnant weighing 290 lbs!

from 226 in the left pic to 170ish on the right!

God Bless,