Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Year gone!!!

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!! Oh lord I've taken a super loooooong break from blogging! Let's all say goodbye to 2013! Actually it was a pretty great year!

Brandon has sure grown a lot this year! He's my little man!

I had the BEST opportunity to be able to finally run in the Susan G. Komen race! After year after year saying "this would be the year I did it" Well 2013 was that year!

My FIRST ever Cowboys game with my Bestie Jen!
The boys and I had lots more time spent together this year!
My friend Nina and her finance announced their engagement.
Brandon fell in love with Soccer and wants to play EVERY.SINGLE.DAY now!
We got our party on for Zumba for Zach! I love good causes!
Hell 2013 was so good that I even started baking! And if you know me...then you know that's HUGE!!
I even found a new love for running and I never thought I would!
So yes 2013 was great! But 2014 will be even better! And who knows I may even have something to share later with y'all! (;