Friday, November 08, 2013

The feeling of epic failure...

Sometimes I go thru this fitness journey and I feel like an uber failure. I have days where I eat like crap and then afterwards I feel like crap! FYI: no matter how much you workout, you can not undo a bad diet. PERIOD! You ate that shit so there it is on those hips!

Last night I of course the damn dark, and not to mention cold, and I swear I just felt like I was going to vomit up my guts. I quickly remember ALL the shitty foods I ate earlier that day, and I knew I had done some damage and I had no one to blame for feeling bad. BUT.ME. Something that I've always heard other runners say and it is so true, while training (running) you really need to be cautious of your diet, and last night really showed me that I made some serious mistakes yesterday. I never feel bad when I run, ever. I didn't even drink enough water yesterday, that is how bad I let my habits fall by the waist side guys!
Smiling in spite of...

So see sometimes you struggle with your choices in the day and later on you pay for them. Let's just say I got thru that run but knew that if I wanted to run tonight I need to make a few better choices. I hate that feeling of epic failure when you exercise, whether you ate bad or not. I like finishing a run or leaving the gym knowing I crushed that shit!!!

But as soon as I got home I started to ask myself, "why in the hell am I so mad about that run"? Why beat myself up because I ran slower than I've been blah blah. What's wrong with that? NOTHING at all myself you did GREAT slow or not, long mile or short, you could have been sitting at home watching TV and stuffing your pie hole with M&M's and Snickers and all the fried things you could make. Instead you laced up your shoes and throw back that hair and darted out the door and burned 647 calories with a 4 mile run! Bitch that causes for a VICTORY dance!

So see when you think you didn't rock that.....TRUST you did!! Everything you do you can always put a little more effort into! Today I have made better food choices and my insides aren't crying, because tonight when I hit that pavement for 5 miles I will make this FAT cry biiiitchessss!!!!

Happy Friday!!