Friday, November 15, 2013

Still the same happy person

Hey Happy Friday!

So for the last few days I've been thinking about my life, far as past, present and the future. Just doing my usual self evaluation if you will do this stuff from time to time.

Let's kick this off with the past....earlier in my 20's I was a heavy girl yes, this is true we all know that. But one thing that I've always loved about myself is no matter what I was never a downer, I was always a happy individual. Still smiling, being friendly, despite my weight and what I looked like on the outside, I've always had this passion for life no matter what. My husband and I got married in 2006 and I was weighing in at 236 pounds, we were married at JP so no we didn't have this HUGE wedding or anything! But on that day I was so happy to be marrying the love of my life, who cared what my weight was? Not me and not him!

I like to think of myself as a person who realizes that there are far worse things in life going on, so why not be grateful for what and who I am, and stop feeling sorry for myself, and if I feel that sorry then I need to do something to change my life. So one day I did just that.....which brings me to the current me......

The present Cynthia, is THE same happy go lucky person, only this time I'm 174 pounds and I have a son that I'm trying to lead a life of good examples for. Being at the smallest weight I have been in my LIFE is amazing and a big accomplishment for me, and I was able to prove to myself that I'm far more able to do things I never thought possible. It's 7 years into my marriage and he still thinks I'm hot!!lol Things that have changed for me now are, I feel stronger physically and mentally, more confident to pick up heavier weights, runner further than I ever have without feeling like I am going into cardiac arrest! I have more energy to get up in the mornings and get everyone out the door for the day! I don't come home and just sit in front of the TV and eat M&M's yummy I would love too!! hahaha Life was great before, but now that I took control of my health and my families health, life is even MORE amazing and it only will get better..... I stopped making excuse for working out and started making myself promises!

Well, only God really knows what the future will hold for me...I would like to think I will be brave enough to get in a bikini one day! kidding!!! I'll settle for another 10 pounds for now! But I'm in no rush for it! I hope by this time I will be a body building coach and inspiring someone to reach for their goals!!! And who knows there maybe another baby that may have joined our family!! Brandon sure makes it a point to tell us that he wants a baby brother or sister! (; only time will tell!

We can all be better and improve in every part of our lives. I don't have all the answers, none of the bloggers you follow do, but I think we are all figuring out what works for us and hoping that we can help one person at a time. We've all struggled and are struggling in life, but the point is when you are blessed to see another day, know that it's your own personal 'do over day'! Like I said we nor I know what the future holds, I just want to keep being a better person, a better mommy, a better friend, and wife. And never see 200 pounds again (unless I'm preggos) but not seeing it because I ate my way back there! Dang I want M&M's!