Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So What Wednesday!

SO WHAT WEDNESDAY!!!!!! With Shannon
This week I'm saying so what IF:
  1. Brandon keeps ending up in our room after I've laid him in his own every night this week.
  2. I think work is a drag today and I'd much rather be at home snuggled up drinking hot chocolate and watching Lifetime.
  3. I gave Brandon candy this morning.
  4. I've already took out our Christmas tree and it's not even Thanksgiving.
  5. I still haven't taken my coat off since I got to work 3 hours ago, Texas is not supposed to be this cold.
  6. People and their IG post are getting on my nerves!
  7. I really want a girls night out, and a tall Margarita on the rocks!
  8. The very first Christmas present I ordered was for yours truly, Hey I'm easier to buy for, why not knock it out?!
  9. I'm going to take off during the Holiday and spend time ripping up our floors!! Call me Handy Mommy!!
  10. If I'm starting to hate my IPhone and can't wait till I get a Samsung. <that's the earlier Xmas gift>
  11. I've ran out of 'So Whats'...guess I'd better get back to work! <sigh>

Happy Hump-Day (: