Monday, October 07, 2013

Welcome back!

I'm so excited that the blog is back up, with it being down for the last week after I had some hacker issues, it showed me just how much I missed this little ole blog. Man I felt weird not being able to give a daily dose of boredom, you know just to start your day off right and all.

Since I'm so boring I really don't have much of any updates for ya. I've made the decision that I was going to restart insanity for the 15th billion time in my life, after my epic failure with this is not because of the program this is because of me and my bad eating habits that I didn't do as well as I should have or could have. Yes I will post my results, when I dig deep inside to find the nerve to do so. This week for sure so you guys can see that, we can mistreat ourselves, and in the end get all pissed because we should have nailed it. Oh well, everyday above ground is another day to start over and make better choices, and that's just what I plan to do with Insanity this go round.

Ummm in other news, Brandon has started indoor soccer and I swear he is the cutest little thing...omg they all are so cute out there, just bouncing around running all wild, giving the poor coach hell. Brandon seems to love it tho. Speaking of indoor soccer, I to have joined an soccer team, and the BEST part is..........we wear PINK...AAAAhhhh!!! Can you say this team was made with me in mind?! Yea it's my fav color!!

Outdoor soccer was killing me with my allergies, lord I've been sick ever since I started playing 3 weeks ago, so enough was enough. Besides I like indoor much better, just late games are an ass kicker.

Also, I'll be training for a half marathon for February and April 6th, 2014, and I'm so excited, to be able to tackle one more thing on my list of to do's in this life. I'll keep you weekly updated on how my training is going and how I'm feeling thru this until the day arrives and I run my first long run of my life! I thought paying for it and deciding to do this I was going to be nervous and talk myself out of it, but really I feel nothing but blessed to be able to start training and getting in better shape knowing that I can do it. I'll post a blog about my feelings about running. Keep in mind...I'm not a good runner. I try.

That's enough word vomit for today!

I'm so happy I'm back!