Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So What Wednesday...

So What Wednesday Link up!

This Week I'm saying.....

So what if!!!

1.  Brandon saw my tattoo and asked me what it is, and I lied and said mommy fell and this is my scar....let's just say he went to school and told the teacher that my mommy had a big scar on her back from a fall...! lol

2.  I totally skipped out on soccer last night because I'm super lazy, omg that game was at 11pm A.K.A past my bed time! Way PAST

3.   Brandon told me Sunday night that I had a baby in my stomach and I got so scared and the next day RAN to the store and but it was negative!

4.   Me and my besties are doing the Bad Prom run Friday night and I'm looking more forward to going to In-n-Out burger after then I am running! Let's just say I'll be RUNNING to the car to go eat!!

5.   Brandon is still sleeping in the room with us, I know I know I'm going to really hate this later, but now I love it!

6.  I've been acting like a kid when I go to Walmart because of ALL the candy everywhere....speaking of candy....

7.  That bag of chocolates that's supposed to be for Brandon's class tomorrow is calling my name and saying eat meeeeeee......NO EVIL BAG NOOOOO, I will Thursday!!

8.  I had TWO cheat days so far this week....

9.  I wish I had a bottle of something strong every morning I enter work.

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