Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My new bug!

Ok I don't know what happened to me after Saturdays run but, all of a sudden I have this bug that makes me not think of anything but running. Normally running sucks ass to me and when I'm done I feel like I'm so defeated and mad because I'm hurting or I stopped like 50 times and found myself walking more then running.

But Saturday I feel like all of that changed, when I was running for the first time I didn't feel any pain or discomfort, all I felt was smooth sailing and easy. Instead, of the run kicking my ass I kicked its! Then I started to see why people find such enjoyment in it, during and after! I've read so many things about how running is so good for weight loss and blah blah, but really that's not why I'm doing it, it's more about how good I feel each mile I hit, and every week that I'm able to go further then the last week. I can't wait for my half marathon in March, I swear I never thought that I would say that about having to tackle 13.1 miles, but truly I'm so happy that I could scream!

So running is my new exercise that I will tackle and I will achieve it! I also read that just like anything else that you try, if you don't enjoy it and look forward to doing it, you won't stick to it. That was my problem with running before, I found it to be so lame and boring and I just did it to stay in shape, and prayed every mile that it would hurry up and be over, then I would quit and it would be months before I would go back to it. Now I use each run as a challenge for myself to see how far I can go! I pick a jamming playlist and get great shoes, and I lace up and take off! Oh and sleep my ass off after because it is draining lol!

So now I'm calling myself a runner and I will get better each week, and go further and soon I'll get to blog to you all about my half marathon! So for those of you that want to run but find it boring, hey I can relate, I thought the same thing. But if you want it do it and never give up, it may seem like you stop more then you run and you just might and that's cool, you have to crawl before you walk. After while you'll find the more you practice the more you will not stop, then after while you'll run 6 miles and not stop once and say damn I just did that and I'm not half dead.

You may not be fast, hey neither am I, but I keep going and call myself the tortoise, important thing is you've come further then the couch! With practice your speed will get better, keep going! You don't have to be fast to be a runner, if you ran I will call you a runner!

Happy Tuesday!!