Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm doing it....

Hey Tuesday Friends

So let me wordvomit you on week 3 of training for the half marathon that's in March and I'm feeling a lot stronger, mentally! Each week that the mileage increases on Sunday, so does my confidence. On Sunday I ran the longest run ever 8.12 miles and yes I thought I was going to die. I'm not one of those people that run an 8 minute mile or anything, I usually average 12 and to be honest 12 makes me feel comfortable and pain free. When I did the Susan G. Komen run I ran that in 9.30 and I was very proud of myself don't get me wrong, but I felt out of my comfort zone and my asthma was bothering me all day, so that right there made me realize that I did a little too much.

But Sunday I stayed right around 12 and felt pretty good thru the whole thing, hey if I can run and keep smiling and singing to my jams, then I know I'm cool and I'm rolling right along. To me and this is just my opinion, but running is not about being fast, and trying to kill yourself or out doing the next person, it's about feeling good when it's over and knowing that you gave your all. If you are looking to 'increase' your time or PR like some call it, then that will come with time and practice. The more you do the better you will get, just like anything! I for one am just focusing on increasing my mileage, because before Sunday 6 miles was the longest I've ever ran in my WHOLE life, so to accomplish 8 miles and still be alive, I'll take that anyday!!!

So on March 23, 2014 I will be focusing on not dying during my first half marathon, I can't wait to scratch one more thing that I never thought that I could achieve off my list. I never thought in a million years I would be writing a blog, having lost weight, become a mommy, or now telling people that I am training for a half marathon and them not laugh in my face, and tell me I can't! This is a BIG deal for me and I can't wait to get there and smile all the way to the finish line or be drug there, which ever comes first! lol!!

I've been running about 4 days a week, making sure I have plenty of protein in my diet and drinking way more water then I ever have. I've cut out cheat days during the week. Yes I still have one cheat day, I've moved that one day to Friday it kind of gives me a day to look forward to now rather then me just eating whatever and burning it off. 'You can't undo a bad meal'! So no portion control this and that, I just cut it out and that's that. I'm not really focusing on weight lose, I'm doing more muscle building and toning right now, it's going to take every muscle in my body to pull my big butt across that line!

In addition to running, I'm still strength training and now I've started T25 Gamma phase and it's still just 25 mins everyday and yesterday was day one and I loved it. I figured right now isn't the best time to spend my usual 2 hours a night working out since the pavement 4 days a week is kicking my ass more these days! Oh and Tuesday nights I still have indoor soccer which I will NEVER give up!!

I think of the part on Forest Gump when Jenny tells him to run, when I feel like I'm dying and just to find myself some humor when my brain is saying oh quit and go home and eat some M&M's, I really feel like Forest Gump out there running some days! But If a man can find the strength to call himself running across the WORLD just for the hell of it, I think I can do this for one event! (; and not complain.

But I'm enjoying it even if everyday I'm sore, the soreness makes me know I'm doing something that I've set my mind too! (: My little reminder!