Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to the best man in the world.

Today is an awesome day! Today is my dad's birthday!

Many of don't know parts of my life story but, my real dad left my mom and I when I was a kid and around the time my mom was pregnant with my baby sister. But time later, we were blessed that she met this incredible man who took us in as his own and raise two girls. Now keep in mind, my stepdad Charles has two sons, so let's just say he knew nothing about females, but he quickly learned ALL there was to know about us.

I couldn't say enough about how blessed I am to have been raised by such a positive roll model, you sure taught me about life and about men. Trust me, there was times we drove one another crazy, and butted heads, but I wouldn't change any part of having you in my life. I thank you for always listening to me vent about girl stuff, and probably thinking "jeez go talk to your mom" but you never complained. (Ever man should take note from you, lol!)

Not many men would be so gracious to take in another persons kids and do ALL the things you've done for us...but no matter how many times we seemed like we weren't grateful, or complained or got an attitude, you were always right and I know now that you just were being a parent and looking out for me and Rachael, and now you do the same for our baby brother!

You have the biggest heart, and you give the best advice. I pray that today is amazing and I wish me and Brandon could be there to celebrate with you!

We love you more than words can express,


Today is also My dearest friend Jennifer's Birthday!!! (remember her? and her incredible weight loss story from a while back, oh and that HOT bikini pic too?) (; Happy Birthday my Bestie! Can't wait to celebrate with you!