Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween=candy for ME!!

Wow it's almost Halloween, and I swear I use that day to eat ALL the M&M's in the world. In case some of you don't know....I'm obsessed with peanut M&M's. When I was growing up and me and my sister would go out and get candy, I would always trick her into giving me all her M&M's! LOL

Sucks being an adult and trying to go out and get candy now, people open the door and see this big ass adult and look like ummm ok hello weirdo person desperate for candy! But now that I am a mom and Brandon really isn't a candy kid, I do the happy dance when it comes to this because...yep you guessed, I trick or treat vicariously thru my child!! hahaha

I can't lie I do eat shit on this day! So being good is so out the window!

So just had to post and be real with you guys! I'm going into M&M coma come next Thursday!!!