Monday, October 21, 2013

A great weekend

Hey friends! Happy Monday to you!

Man it never fails but the weekend goes by too fast, especially when you are having fun!

Friday we had a Zumba blast with Amber and her wonderful family, as they hosted Zumba for Zach. Man talk about a beautiful event filled with some wonderful people.

Then Saturday I was up bright and EARLY to get my long awaited run on for Susan G. Komen Race I met some really nice people and had lots of fun! I can't wait till October 18, 2014 for the next one. Yep I'm ready, I already got the date! haha! Also, I ran in under 29 mins and that is THE first time I've ever ran that fast, so I have the cold air to thank for that! Man o Man it was brrrrr cold!!! I truly feel like I'm starting to find running amazing and thinking it's going to be my NEW task to tackle in this life!

Sunday I got up and ran a nice 6 miler and enjoyed every mile!!!! Can I call myself a RUNNER? Or is it too soon? Well I'm going to say it anyways! I'M A RUNNER!!!!! So ready for my half in March!!
Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend! (: