Friday, September 13, 2013

Workout Tips

Today I wanted to share some workout tips:


  • Eat something light
  • Such as: Sports Drink, Bananas, whole grains or a bowl of cereal
  • You need some carbs, so don't think ALL carbs are bad and try to avoid them all together (;

*Please be sure to warm-up before beginning your workouts*
  • Stretch
  • Get the blood moving in your body
  • Any activity to get you moving sounds good to me and it burns calories
  • I.E. 
-dancing with kiddos 
~ this all strengthens your heart and lunges~

Ladies don't stress and think lifting a few little weights is going to make you huge and's also an amazing thing for your body
  • Strengthens muscles, makes your body appear long and leaner, and gives you strong bones.
  • choose several moves that target different body parts about 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Example
-lower body
-upper body

*Now cool your body down*
  • stretch muscles 
  • yoga
  • bring your heart rate down

****REMEMBER FOOD=FUEL***** Pinterest is a great place to find workouts if you ever feel like you are bored and need different things to do at home or at the gym. 

If you are having trouble eating healthy and staying on track google foods you love and find better alternatives to them, trust me this is my problem area too, and I struggle with food daily, as long as your human and alive you will struggle with the temptations of life. We all have to find what works for us, and it may take a while to do so, but hey this is a life style change, key word being "life", so take your time finding this out, there's no rush! 

I'm here for moral support! Happy Friday, aren't you glad it's finally here?