Thursday, September 26, 2013

By who's definition?

Yesterday I read something so disturbing that it made me mad and sad all in the same breath. Someone wrote "why do people blog"? And that really made me think and take this particular question to heart, and start to ask myself that same thing. But as I was thinking about this for my own life, I started to read thru the comments that this person was receiving, but it was this person's own comment that really irritated me.

They wrote and I quote:

I understand blogging if you have an extraordinary life and/or you want to share with people in the hopes of inspiring or supporting. And really we have ALL had extraordinary parts of our lives but that's not enough to write a blog. I can appreciate the fact that not all of us are rock stars or cancer survivors. I take pleasure in the ordinary day to day things. I don't get the need for the AVERAGE person to write a blog. That being said, I'm sure I've pissed off half my blog friends (; I hope they forgive me.

I started to realize this person is entitled to their opinion, and I respect that. I myself have asked why some people blog and stopped reading some that I felt could not help my life in any way, shape, or form. But it was the part about having an "extraordinary life" that kept sitting on my brain. What and who makes up the rules to define what makes a person's life so extraordinary? Is it money, designer clothes, your title in life that allows you to be "blog worthy"? In life there are many things that define extraordinary, I personally have come across some pretty inspiring people in this blog world and have learned to tip my hat to the great accomplishments that they have achieved. And it's because of following blogs, that's what made me change my life to know that I can be different. Because it was the "average person" that I could relate to that helped me know I can be someone different inside and out and they aren't rich and famous, these people are parents, wives, and hold down 9-5 jobs just like me! Ol average girl over here! (;

And when I started this lil ole blog here, I had high hopes of wanting my readers to gain the same things, to understand that I was just average and there was nothing wrong with that. People spend so much time in life trying to be something that they aren't instead of embracing who they are. So thank you to those "average people" that take a part of their day to share info and motivation to all of us. It takes an extraordinary person to share their life out in front of the world and having the knowledge to know that you are going to be judged by any and everyone, but you continue to do it, because you realize that you are inspiring that few somebodies and changing a life daily. I know blogging won't make me rich and famous and maybe not even popular, but because I'm just an average person I thought that I could share my life to show people that they don't have to have riches and be all high and mighty to get healthy, and lose weight. As long as you have richness in your heart and motivation in your soul, they to can achieve great things.

So I again ask this person....who apparently see us blog people as non-extraordinary....what is it that define a non-average person with a non-extraordinary life? Because apparently racking your brain daily and researching info after info, and taking sometimes embarrassing pics of yourself and busting your ass daily at the gym and feeling some days like you are a failure but no matter what you have to get up and keep going because you have people to motivate and people who are counting on you, not to mention a job, a family and everything else, that makes you not EXTRAORDINARY enough. What is EXTRAORDINARY?

Rant over now, happy Thursday!