Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Weekend/and a few workouts to try

Haha look what ding dong is doing their blog on a Wednesday? Yet, that would be me!!!

Yesterday was the first giveaway ( which is still running until Friday) so I just said, what the hay I'll do something different and post my weekend now....which isn't much by the way!

Had a great Saturday morning with the girls, lord how I miss them so much, since I only now get to see them one day a week...

Then I was sooooo hungry after that workout, but I knew I had to high tail it to my soccer tournament and didn't have much time for my usual huge morning breakfast, so McDonald's sounded mighty tasty..... and boy I had the Egg white english muffin and for 250 calories that thing was B-O-M-B!!!

Finally made it to our soccer tournament in 107 degree heat.....and not one game this weekend....we had 4, 2 saturday and 2 Sunday!!!!!!!!! Shoot ME!!!!!! But we WON and we had an AMAZING TIME doing it together!! These are some awesome ladies and I'm so happy to be on a team with them!! GO TEXAS STARS!!!!!

Had a great time with my boys on Monday, even tho Spencer had to work, me and Brandon chilled and ate lunch and played! Then finally got to hang with hubby when he got home!!

But after our 10000 degree heat and turning a few shades darker, 4 soccer games and an ass kicked body....I can't help but think......

A few workouts I found on Pinterest to share!!

Peace out peeps!!!