Monday, September 09, 2013

Weekend bang!

Hey everybody,

Hope your weekend was great! Do you wish today was another Monday off like last week? Man, I sure do! I guess I should go ahead and delivery your daily dose of boredom, you're welcome!

Saturday morning, wouldn't be complete without a great morning workout with the girls! Jen took my pic showing me that I apparently sweat hearts!!!

Then we had Kristine's going away party that night at Primos and we had a blast of fun! It's always a great time when we get to go out and talk!

Sunday is officially called the "day of Soccer" or "day of soreness" which ever works!! We had a 5pm game in Carrollton, which we rocked and WON!!! Soccer is soooooooo much fun, and I love anything that gets me out and meeting new people and keeps me physical and active! I'll be playing indoor starting Saturday with one of my co-workers and great friend from high school and I can't wait!

A little scary after soccer shot for ya! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Have a great week!!!!!