Thursday, September 19, 2013

This is my very first link up with Crystal  and her Thursday thankful. Thanks to Jennifer  for mentioning it on Instagram last night! This sounded like fun and nice to be able to reflect on things that make us happy and to give thanks!

Crystal Michelles Mess

I'm thankful for:

This sweet angel that came into our lives, after we had such a struggle getting pregnant. Everyday he brightens up my day and teaches me new things, and not to mention makes me gut bust laugh at the things he says and does. So happy to watch you change each and everyday!

To be able to have this blog and share and meet some of the most amazing people and get such wonderful feed back from each of you daily. So I would like to THANK you for reading!

My husband, even though I drive you are always so very willing to help with Brandon, cooking, cleaning, and even going to the grocery store, even when I send you for embarrassing  my womanly items..yet you never complain. Thanks for being supportive through all my crazy workouts because you knew I had a goal to reach. You're a great father and Brandon is so lucky!

To you my dear friends in the yellow bag, peanut M&M's, thank you for always knowing when to find your way in grocery cart, knowing that I only stopped to pick up so milk for Brandon! You always know how to make me smile!

No thankful Thursday would be complete without thanking my big support system, and the BEST friends anyone in this world could ask for! Thank you girls for always providing an ear, a phone to call, and a daily pick-me-up when I need it most!

What are you thankful for?