Monday, September 23, 2013

Soccer injury...Already?

Hey Friends,

Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine....! Let's do this shall we?

Saturday as most of you know, I kicked the day off with some girl time at the gym with the besties!

Then of course I had to have some "fat" girl fun and indulge in one of my weaknesses....which is Taco Bell. Oh trust me, if you haven't caught on by now..I do have quite a few weaknesses in my twenty something year old life! HINT: Little yellow bag, that occasionally find their way in my cart..remember?

I got super excited when I checked the mail.....!!! My case finally came!!! Amber and Jen are going to be so proud of my new Chevron obsession! I don't know what happened to me, it's like this new fetish just jumped out at me! I think because I spent so much time avoiding it! lol! Pretty cute in moderation!

That's the extent of my boring Saturday no-going-out-lifetime watching-day!

Sunday was the big day, Lord we had an early morning soccer game which started off fab, then later towards the end of the game, the ball came straight at my face and at that moment I could have sworn my jaw was out of place....I busted my lip, and bit my tongue, all in the same incident! How the hell did all that take place? So when is the next game? lol I'm ready! hahaha just a little crazy!

But the BEST part about that game.....I got a chance to play against, and kick her butt old high school friend!!!! That was soooo much fun! Well, you know...until me and the ball decided to have a tussle that is! But in-spite of the ball damn near knocking my face off, we WON! 2-1 baby!
We are 3-0 so far and going strong!

Well the rest of the evening pretty much consisted of cold compresses and bad hair! Oh don't forget the Advil! Sorry for the ugly pic, I just woke up and had to show y'all what scariness Spencer wakes up to everyday! 

How was everyone's weekend? Did anything fun? Speaking of and the girls are signing up for the Bad Prom 5k sounds like a blast! I'll let you know how it goes! God knows we haven't had a run in months!