Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So What Wednesday!

Yup I'm blogging again.....Dropping a little 'So What Wednesday' with Shannon!

So what if....this is my second blog of the day, hell I'm bored!
So what if....I'm sore and can barely move after my first Tuesday back to the gym, I needed that beating from all the crappy foods I've been eating.
So what if.....This is the first time I've taken part in this link up, in ummmm over a month, better late then never!
So what if.....I have 2 Chainz 'Yuck' feat. Lil Wayne on replay and it's replayed about 25 times, and I'm jamming like I haven't heard this song in 20 years....hold on my fav part is coming up so I have to take part in my 15 seconds of fame!!
So what if....I don't own a mop in my house, and I scrubbed the floor for 2 hours the other night, what do you think people did before mops! Lol I seriously need to get a new Wet Jet!

So what if......Me and Spencer are sooo obsessed with Dexter on Showtime, I mean come on it's a full time dad and he works in the police department killing off the bad guys, helllloooo! Best show ever!
So what if.....I'm sitting here wondering what I'm going to have for lunch and it's 10:02, well I've been thinking about lunch since I rolled out of bed!
So what if....The only time I check the mail is when I order something from EBay, like this whole week because I must say I've bought some pretty awesome stuff, after this week Spencer can go back to checking it!
So what if...I just ran out of 'So Whats'....Peace out peeps!