Monday, September 30, 2013

My baby's birthday!!!

Dear my dearest, handsome, loving, Brandon

Oh my goodness, I can't believe time has flown by so fast, feels like just yesterday you came into this world. Wow baby you are 3 today, me and daddy just wanted you to know that you have been the greatest blessing to us. You are truly our miracle baby, and God made no mistake when he brought you into our lives. Each day you give me strength, you have helped me to overcome many things in my life, because I look at your beautiful smiling face everyday, and know that no matter what is going on I have to be strong and stay strong for you. I love your free spirit and affectionate upbeat little self more then you will ever know.

But honestly no matter if you are acting out in the store or consistently telling me NO for everything because you are upset that you can't get your way at whatever thing that you really have your mind on...I still love you and cherish even those crazy times we have, because I never want any moment wasted, because I know one day you are going to be too embarrassed to have me around, and try really hard to avoid my kisses. That's ok I'm making sure I soak it ALL up now.

You are the smartest baby already have a very determined and strong-I-can-do-it-all-myself personaillity about you, and regardless of how much I don't want you to grow up, I truly admire that about you and I know it will be your biggest asset when you grow up. Just don't grow up too fast, even though mommy seems like a meany sometimes, it may not look like it now, but you will understand my reasons for declining you. We love you baby more then life itself, and we will always be here to cheer you, to wipe your tears, to make you laugh, and to listen!

Happy Birthday my love,

Mommy and Daddy, we love you to the moon and back!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

By who's definition?

Yesterday I read something so disturbing that it made me mad and sad all in the same breath. Someone wrote "why do people blog"? And that really made me think and take this particular question to heart, and start to ask myself that same thing. But as I was thinking about this for my own life, I started to read thru the comments that this person was receiving, but it was this person's own comment that really irritated me.

They wrote and I quote:

I understand blogging if you have an extraordinary life and/or you want to share with people in the hopes of inspiring or supporting. And really we have ALL had extraordinary parts of our lives but that's not enough to write a blog. I can appreciate the fact that not all of us are rock stars or cancer survivors. I take pleasure in the ordinary day to day things. I don't get the need for the AVERAGE person to write a blog. That being said, I'm sure I've pissed off half my blog friends (; I hope they forgive me.

I started to realize this person is entitled to their opinion, and I respect that. I myself have asked why some people blog and stopped reading some that I felt could not help my life in any way, shape, or form. But it was the part about having an "extraordinary life" that kept sitting on my brain. What and who makes up the rules to define what makes a person's life so extraordinary? Is it money, designer clothes, your title in life that allows you to be "blog worthy"? In life there are many things that define extraordinary, I personally have come across some pretty inspiring people in this blog world and have learned to tip my hat to the great accomplishments that they have achieved. And it's because of following blogs, that's what made me change my life to know that I can be different. Because it was the "average person" that I could relate to that helped me know I can be someone different inside and out and they aren't rich and famous, these people are parents, wives, and hold down 9-5 jobs just like me! Ol average girl over here! (;

And when I started this lil ole blog here, I had high hopes of wanting my readers to gain the same things, to understand that I was just average and there was nothing wrong with that. People spend so much time in life trying to be something that they aren't instead of embracing who they are. So thank you to those "average people" that take a part of their day to share info and motivation to all of us. It takes an extraordinary person to share their life out in front of the world and having the knowledge to know that you are going to be judged by any and everyone, but you continue to do it, because you realize that you are inspiring that few somebodies and changing a life daily. I know blogging won't make me rich and famous and maybe not even popular, but because I'm just an average person I thought that I could share my life to show people that they don't have to have riches and be all high and mighty to get healthy, and lose weight. As long as you have richness in your heart and motivation in your soul, they to can achieve great things.

So I again ask this person....who apparently see us blog people as non-extraordinary....what is it that define a non-average person with a non-extraordinary life? Because apparently racking your brain daily and researching info after info, and taking sometimes embarrassing pics of yourself and busting your ass daily at the gym and feeling some days like you are a failure but no matter what you have to get up and keep going because you have people to motivate and people who are counting on you, not to mention a job, a family and everything else, that makes you not EXTRAORDINARY enough. What is EXTRAORDINARY?

Rant over now, happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So What Wednesday

Life After I Dew

Let's get this thing popping shall we, because this week I'm saying SO WHAT IF......

1.  I haven't done laundry in a week...lazy what can I say
2.  I had a dream about zombies, after watching World War Z...that movie freaked me out.
3.  I never drink coffee but today I stopped by Starbucks for a huge cup and I'm still tired. Running from zombies require a lot of energy.
4.  I saw the cutest baby in the store last night and for that brink moment I got baby fever...very short lived baby fever!
5.  I'm writing this post knowing I'm supposed to be working.
6.  I'm doing the happy dance because it's fall!
7.  I'm thinking about cutting ALL my hair off like I did before, I don't do a thing with it now so why not?
8.  I can't stand immature people...make me sick
9. I can't find ANYthing else to bitch about in this post....I guess I'll have to link up with Crystal  again for Thankful Thursday, so I can redeem myself from all this ugliness and complaining I vomited on this blog today.

Peace out peeps!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Soccer injury...Already?

Hey Friends,

Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine....! Let's do this shall we?

Saturday as most of you know, I kicked the day off with some girl time at the gym with the besties!

Then of course I had to have some "fat" girl fun and indulge in one of my weaknesses....which is Taco Bell. Oh trust me, if you haven't caught on by now..I do have quite a few weaknesses in my twenty something year old life! HINT: Little yellow bag, that occasionally find their way in my cart..remember?

I got super excited when I checked the mail.....!!! My case finally came!!! Amber and Jen are going to be so proud of my new Chevron obsession! I don't know what happened to me, it's like this new fetish just jumped out at me! I think because I spent so much time avoiding it! lol! Pretty cute in moderation!

That's the extent of my boring Saturday no-going-out-lifetime watching-day!

Sunday was the big day, Lord we had an early morning soccer game which started off fab, then later towards the end of the game, the ball came straight at my face and at that moment I could have sworn my jaw was out of place....I busted my lip, and bit my tongue, all in the same incident! How the hell did all that take place? So when is the next game? lol I'm ready! hahaha just a little crazy!

But the BEST part about that game.....I got a chance to play against, and kick her butt old high school friend!!!! That was soooo much fun! Well, you know...until me and the ball decided to have a tussle that is! But in-spite of the ball damn near knocking my face off, we WON! 2-1 baby!
We are 3-0 so far and going strong!

Well the rest of the evening pretty much consisted of cold compresses and bad hair! Oh don't forget the Advil! Sorry for the ugly pic, I just woke up and had to show y'all what scariness Spencer wakes up to everyday! 

How was everyone's weekend? Did anything fun? Speaking of and the girls are signing up for the Bad Prom 5k sounds like a blast! I'll let you know how it goes! God knows we haven't had a run in months!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This is my very first link up with Crystal  and her Thursday thankful. Thanks to Jennifer  for mentioning it on Instagram last night! This sounded like fun and nice to be able to reflect on things that make us happy and to give thanks!

Crystal Michelles Mess

I'm thankful for:

This sweet angel that came into our lives, after we had such a struggle getting pregnant. Everyday he brightens up my day and teaches me new things, and not to mention makes me gut bust laugh at the things he says and does. So happy to watch you change each and everyday!

To be able to have this blog and share and meet some of the most amazing people and get such wonderful feed back from each of you daily. So I would like to THANK you for reading!

My husband, even though I drive you are always so very willing to help with Brandon, cooking, cleaning, and even going to the grocery store, even when I send you for embarrassing  my womanly items..yet you never complain. Thanks for being supportive through all my crazy workouts because you knew I had a goal to reach. You're a great father and Brandon is so lucky!

To you my dear friends in the yellow bag, peanut M&M's, thank you for always knowing when to find your way in grocery cart, knowing that I only stopped to pick up so milk for Brandon! You always know how to make me smile!

No thankful Thursday would be complete without thanking my big support system, and the BEST friends anyone in this world could ask for! Thank you girls for always providing an ear, a phone to call, and a daily pick-me-up when I need it most!

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So What Wednesday!

Yup I'm blogging again.....Dropping a little 'So What Wednesday' with Shannon!

So what if....this is my second blog of the day, hell I'm bored!
So what if....I'm sore and can barely move after my first Tuesday back to the gym, I needed that beating from all the crappy foods I've been eating.
So what if.....This is the first time I've taken part in this link up, in ummmm over a month, better late then never!
So what if.....I have 2 Chainz 'Yuck' feat. Lil Wayne on replay and it's replayed about 25 times, and I'm jamming like I haven't heard this song in 20 years....hold on my fav part is coming up so I have to take part in my 15 seconds of fame!!
So what if....I don't own a mop in my house, and I scrubbed the floor for 2 hours the other night, what do you think people did before mops! Lol I seriously need to get a new Wet Jet!

So what if......Me and Spencer are sooo obsessed with Dexter on Showtime, I mean come on it's a full time dad and he works in the police department killing off the bad guys, helllloooo! Best show ever!
So what if.....I'm sitting here wondering what I'm going to have for lunch and it's 10:02, well I've been thinking about lunch since I rolled out of bed!
So what if....The only time I check the mail is when I order something from EBay, like this whole week because I must say I've bought some pretty awesome stuff, after this week Spencer can go back to checking it!
So what if...I just ran out of 'So Whats'....Peace out peeps!

Hey it's Wed-Nes-Day

Hey Hey Hey,

Man I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm glad this week is half way over, I've been ready for the weekend since it ended! Just wanted to give you all a few random thoughts today! I'm always famous for a random thought or two here and there. 

Well first things first, I'm back at my old job, yes the one that I left a few weeks ago, it's a long story.....but I'm happy and things are good! I'm so happy to be back at the gym on Tuesday nights, y'all have nooooo idea, how much I missed my friends! So I had a nice Tuesday night with some step aerobics and Body pump! Speaking of Body Pump, I swear I thought I was going to cry last night, from the severe pain my shoulder was in during class!! OMG, I felt so good when class started, then after squats, that good feeling was short lived! Working out with an injury sucks, and it's for the birds, I tried but I really could only give 20%.

But nothing wrong with not being able to give your all if you are hurt there's no point in trying to kill yourself, as long as you are doing something that's much better then doing nothing at all. I don't prompt people at all to workout with injuries, so I'm going to take my own advice and go get an MRI and pray that all is well,  you guys please pray too, and for my wonderful friend Amber too, because she had an MRI of her wrist, so pray pray!!

In other news, I can't believe that next Friday is THE last day of THE whole Focus T25 workout! September has flown by and that is crazy, it's like it skipped some weeks! It seriously feels like we just started T25 yesterday, and to be telling you that it's over in a week, is so mind blowing to me! Yes I'll post you my results, don't expect much! I haven't been doing good with my eating and I'm going to give you guys the truth so if my results are not what I wanted, I have no one to blame but self!

Speaking of working out......I found a nice ab workout from none other than Pinterest, hope you guys enjoy! My Core is still my problem area. (instead of the lying leg lifts I did 1 minute mountain climbers)

I did a few of these moves on a previous blog

Happy Hump Day friends!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Soccer Soccer!

Good Morning friends! Hope everyone had a fab weekend! I had a good one, nice and quiet....well until Sunday when we had a soccer game and we were without subs on our team and we had to end up playing the whole 90 mins with no rest....! Talk about the pain my body is in today...but I actually felt really good after that game, as crazy as this sounds I felt like I worked harder knowing that I couldn't come out and that I had to push myself because I had no choice.

But for this Sunday's game, I'm just going to prepare my brain to not think about resting, just in case the girls can't make it and we have the same thing happen! Just making a mental note to self! Soccer is so physical, so when I'm done I'm beat man o man! I thought when I first started that I was going to be fine with running a lot and just being out there, but I swear it takes a whole different part of your body, I have muscles that hurt that I didn't even knew existed! Even with all the workouts that I do daily, they never leave me as sore as I am after a soccer game, and yup...I still love it!!! and keep and will keep going back for more beatings!

I've joined an awesome team with a great group of women! So blessed to have found them, they are so patient...and thank God because I haven't played since I was a kid, so for the most part I've lost what I used to know. But, I'm starting to get back in the groove of it all...I sure didn't miss being kicked and popped and thrown to the ground that's for sure, but now that I'm older I'm just out having a blast! But playing in the heat is starting to kick me in the royal booty, trust I don't need to get any darker, thank you!

Well, next week is autumn and if you live in Texas you know that doesn't mean much around these's always best for us to just look forward to Thanksgiving before we really feel cold air.

Once again I hope you guys also had a great weekend! Tell me all about it....

Friday, September 13, 2013

Workout Tips

Today I wanted to share some workout tips:


  • Eat something light
  • Such as: Sports Drink, Bananas, whole grains or a bowl of cereal
  • You need some carbs, so don't think ALL carbs are bad and try to avoid them all together (;

*Please be sure to warm-up before beginning your workouts*
  • Stretch
  • Get the blood moving in your body
  • Any activity to get you moving sounds good to me and it burns calories
  • I.E. 
-dancing with kiddos 
~ this all strengthens your heart and lunges~

Ladies don't stress and think lifting a few little weights is going to make you huge and's also an amazing thing for your body
  • Strengthens muscles, makes your body appear long and leaner, and gives you strong bones.
  • choose several moves that target different body parts about 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Example
-lower body
-upper body

*Now cool your body down*
  • stretch muscles 
  • yoga
  • bring your heart rate down

****REMEMBER FOOD=FUEL***** Pinterest is a great place to find workouts if you ever feel like you are bored and need different things to do at home or at the gym. 

If you are having trouble eating healthy and staying on track google foods you love and find better alternatives to them, trust me this is my problem area too, and I struggle with food daily, as long as your human and alive you will struggle with the temptations of life. We all have to find what works for us, and it may take a while to do so, but hey this is a life style change, key word being "life", so take your time finding this out, there's no rush! 

I'm here for moral support! Happy Friday, aren't you glad it's finally here?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Thursday!

OMG, I feel like I haven't blogged in 40 years as opposed to 4 days! Jeez, I don't even know where to start...I guess you probably want to know what my deal is huh, for not blogging? Well, really I just think that with all the new changes that have taken place in my life, I really feel overwhelmed and pressed for time in all areas of my life right now, but I think I'm slowly getting everything figured out.

So please hang with me in the meantime guys, I'm still here if you need me, just trying to balance stuff right now. I wanted y'all to know that I am still doing T25 and I finished Alpha month and now already in month 2 beta and week 3, can you believe that? OMG time has flown by....WOW! I still love T25 soooooo much, 25 minutes is so great, since I get in so late in the evenings! I did make my decision to do the "Arm challenge" for the month and I'm not following it day by day, because Beta does have weight lifting in this month, but I do it on days where there is no weight training, and I like it too, I really hope to get some really nice guns for next summer's tank tops! So if anyone would like a copy of the "Arm Challenge" please let me know and I'll email you!

This month is Brandon's bday and I'm so excited, we don't have any major plans for his day, but we are going to hang out as a family and enjoy! Hard to believe it's been almost 3 years ago that this miracle baby came into our lives, man once again time is flying by!

I'll have a full story on my delivery!

I'll also be sure to post ALL my weight and measurements for T25 from beginning to end in the next 2 weeks! Lord, I hope they are good! I can't lie... I haven't been 100% with my eating, so I know I need to be doing better in that area.

That's all the boring info I have for you guys!

Have a happy Thursday!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Weekend bang!

Hey everybody,

Hope your weekend was great! Do you wish today was another Monday off like last week? Man, I sure do! I guess I should go ahead and delivery your daily dose of boredom, you're welcome!

Saturday morning, wouldn't be complete without a great morning workout with the girls! Jen took my pic showing me that I apparently sweat hearts!!!

Then we had Kristine's going away party that night at Primos and we had a blast of fun! It's always a great time when we get to go out and talk!

Sunday is officially called the "day of Soccer" or "day of soreness" which ever works!! We had a 5pm game in Carrollton, which we rocked and WON!!! Soccer is soooooooo much fun, and I love anything that gets me out and meeting new people and keeps me physical and active! I'll be playing indoor starting Saturday with one of my co-workers and great friend from high school and I can't wait!

A little scary after soccer shot for ya! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Have a great week!!!!!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Weekend/and a few workouts to try

Haha look what ding dong is doing their blog on a Wednesday? Yet, that would be me!!!

Yesterday was the first giveaway ( which is still running until Friday) so I just said, what the hay I'll do something different and post my weekend now....which isn't much by the way!

Had a great Saturday morning with the girls, lord how I miss them so much, since I only now get to see them one day a week...

Then I was sooooo hungry after that workout, but I knew I had to high tail it to my soccer tournament and didn't have much time for my usual huge morning breakfast, so McDonald's sounded mighty tasty..... and boy I had the Egg white english muffin and for 250 calories that thing was B-O-M-B!!!

Finally made it to our soccer tournament in 107 degree heat.....and not one game this weekend....we had 4, 2 saturday and 2 Sunday!!!!!!!!! Shoot ME!!!!!! But we WON and we had an AMAZING TIME doing it together!! These are some awesome ladies and I'm so happy to be on a team with them!! GO TEXAS STARS!!!!!

Had a great time with my boys on Monday, even tho Spencer had to work, me and Brandon chilled and ate lunch and played! Then finally got to hang with hubby when he got home!!

But after our 10000 degree heat and turning a few shades darker, 4 soccer games and an ass kicked body....I can't help but think......

A few workouts I found on Pinterest to share!!

Peace out peeps!!!