Thursday, August 01, 2013

What's New!

Hey, I hope everyone is having a groovy Thursday!!! I really don't have much today....can you believe that? haha! I'm usually your blabbing queen! But nope just a few updates and letting you know that I am starting my AUGUST SQUAT CHALLENGE!!!
Ok I know you're probably going what? huh?.... Let me explain. I've been blessed with what's called 'Thunder Thighs', so anything that calls for me to 'work' them, I'm up for it! So I saw on Pinterest that they had some 'Squat Challenges' So, I decided I'm up for the challenge. Today is lovely DAY 1, I'm feeling pretty good, all pumped and 'breast modish'.....and you are more then welcome to join me and keep me updated on how you're doing too!What? you thought I was doing this alone?? Of, course I will share with you my progress. So I guess I have to once again tell you my measurements..but at least it's only the thighs(weeee).

THIGHS: 25 inches starting now!

Moving on>>>

In other news, today is...................................!!
Yep, still loving it and enjoying! I'm starting to notice changes, as far as my stomach is appearing smaller and my shoulders seem leaner. But then again, that could just be wishful thinking.....oh well I'll take it! Sorry this was lame. I'm a slacker and got a late start!
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Again happy happy Thursday!