Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend....sad to bid you farewell!

Monday, oh how you roll around so fast! But we love ya... Said. No. One. Ever

Such an amazing weekend

Saturday fun day at the gym with my lovely divas...

Whoop whoop..I got to stay for 2 hours, which never happens! Trust, I take full advantage when I do.

Saturday night was a girls night out at Buttons in Addison. Man, we had soooo much fun, just sitting and laughing! Oh boy, did I eat! I finally got my mac n cheese!

Crystal made it! 

 Had to take a selfie! Duh

Hey for the fab Mac n Cheese! And Jen's awesome dress I found in her closet! Love her

 Hi Sharon! 

 Kay got out with us!!! Cherish the moments she comes out, she's a busy lady! 

 I promise that's not Amber's beer! Yea right!! LOL Kidding Love you Amber! 

Doesn't Jen look HOOTTT?? 

Sunday morning was just a GREAT day to get a 5 miler in and feel so accomplished! What a blessing to get up and enjoy the out doors.  Oh and Oatmeal too!

 With this run I put some sprinting in it and high knees! So I burned a lot more then last sunday! Which really made me excited!

Loooooove Oatmeal and it really helps me after my runs if I'm feeling like my stomach is a little upset! 

The Hubby helped me finish workout #2 that evening, thank God, because my body was beat from that run!(and Brandon helped too) LOL

What did y'all do this weekend? That's my weekend, wrapped up in a nut shell for ya!

Happy Monday, even tho it comes too damn fast!    Said. Everyone.