Monday, August 05, 2013

Weekend Fun!

Wow I haven't done a weekend blog in a while...I live such a boring life! But not this weekend...we had a great time with friends.
Saturday, is a must that I start off with a nice morning sweat fest at my gym with the girls! A day is not complete unless I hit the gym, with the besties!

Saturday night my friend Nina had her Bday celebration at Buttons! If you haven't been here and you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (this was my first time too) you have to try it, the food is absolutely amazing! Me and Spencer are going back soon, we loved it that much!

 We had a great evening out, but the best part was when we got home and Brandon told me that I could never go out again! Lol!! I missed him so much! I have severe mommy withdrawals when I'm a way..! But I know I need Girl time!

Sunday, I accomplished a hot as hell wonderful 4 mile run, after not running for 9 weeks, I seriously thought by the time I hit mile 2 I was going to kill over! But I finished and I felt dead great!!! 547 calories! (BAM)!

 Then the boys surprised me with a new heart diamond necklace! Brandon says he bought it! lol Well, this is my second necklace Spencer's bought me...see Brandon thought it would be fun about a month ago to drop my original necklace down the drain, after I had it for 10 years! Let's just say I'll be hanging on to this one VERY tightly!! I love it!!

What did y'all do this weekend?

Have a Great Monday!