Monday, August 26, 2013

Things that are WORSE then Mondays

Hello friends, and yes it's Monday AGAIN! Damn, this day rolls around fast! Is Monday not the day that makes you wish you would have gotten those extra ZZZs in? Oh, well you're up now so let's get on with it, shall we?

I'm here to tell ya..there are far worse things then a Monday....did she just say that?
The famous female clip up:
I mean you could always be this chick... This is so me! Call me 'Super Clumsy girl'!

The naked neighbor:  
You could have woke up this morning and saw your neighbor getting in a early morning slip n slide bath! It's ok, just wave and smile!

Amanda Bynes track record, no thanks:
 I'll take 2 billion Mondays!
Nose picking caught on national TV:  
I love catching people picking their nose, it cracks me up!!..
No public restroom toilet paper:
This seems to happen to me every time I go to the mall, I get so pissed!

The famous God awful Walmart lines, with 2 lanes open and you have 5 million groceries not to mention a screaming kid who wants everything he or she sees.....and the lady in front is trying to pull every coupon she has and price compare them ALL, with her 5 million newpaper ads!

Someone shot me NOW!!

The piss on the toilet seat:
Now that Brandon is going to the potty, it's a blessing and a curse because, every public bathroom he sees he has to go. And you start to wish for those Huggies...just when the smell and grossness of this bathroom smacks you in the face! Try and remember potty training is great in, most situations.

Yup I've had this happen to me one day at work...

This photo of Kim K:

But if you happen to get so bored with the day and you feel the urge to want to rest please keep this in mind........

Let's face it...any Monday is better then you getting yo ass fired!!!

Now don't you feel better? haha

Adios Amigos!