Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The things we do as a family to stay active...

Everyday we focus on keeping ourselves active and our bodies looking today I wanted to change that up a bit and focus on the importance of keeping our sweet kids active and healthy too. It is such a challenge for me daily to make myself get up and find the energy to workout. While I'm trying to talk myself into exercising...meanwhile Brandon is running his little energetic self thru the house, and laughing, and no where near tired. Don't you just wish you could bottle up their energy and drink it, hell, inject it in yourself? 

I'm no perfect parent by any means, but I do try and get Brandon to be just as active as mommy. Oh, yes he loves Disney Channel just like any other child, and his IPad, but we try and make those things limited. Being active as a kid was something I loved doing, even though I was a chubby kiddo, I still enjoyed playing outside, all day, till my mom would go calling for us! The life of a kid, boy how I miss thee. But, with all that being said, I try and show Brandon while he's young to be active, but we try and make it super fun! Not Jillian Michaels' Bootcamp or nothing! Just fun that we can all do together and it gives us time as a family.

Funny thing about kids, is you can do anything that involves running, jumping, and screaming, and I swear they think they are at an amusement park...they just love FUN! So we do everything with Brandon. The funniest thing me and my husband love seeing him do is: He loves his bouncing ball, AKA his horse, so he likes to call it! Brandon bounces around the house on this thing for hours...we got it for about $15 bucks at Target! Little, does Brandon know, but he's burning TONS of calories and staying super active and not even caring. He tries to sleep with it every night too! LOL But, it's another great, yet fun way for the kids to enjoy exercise and not know it.

Another fun thing he and his daddy loves doing, is getting down on the floor and wrestling with one another, and this goes on for forever, till I have to blow the whistle, Brandon always wins tho! That's my boy! Just another way for him to have fun and wear himself out for bed!

We love acting out parts in a book, he cracks me up, because he's really getting into knowing he's animals, so every night he wants to read about some animal and we must act it out, so yes mommy gets down and roars like a lion too or bark like a dog! He sleeps great after all that running around in his room. By the way, I don't know if I told y'all, Brandon is almost 3, super fun yet busy little age! Some of you know what I'm talking about! He loves Noah's Ark! 

The park, the park, the park! Hot as you know what in Texas, but Brandon must have a weekly trip to the park, and I'm ok with that. He gets to run around and meet kids from the neighborhood, and if daddy is there, we take turns running him back and forth across the monkey bars. Talk about, ya upper body workout! Bran is 45 pounds of pure baby boy! This is a great link that will show you some cool workouts while at the playground with the kids Get fit at the playground! (:

He loves jumping on the bed and couch, and crazy as it sounds I'm ok with that. Of course I watch him, but I don't freak out if he's playing and having a good time, sometimes I jump on it with him! Takes me back to my kid days!! 

But being active with your kids is super important, but I really try to help Bran with eating good, because food is my biggest issue too. I have never seen a child love peas sooooo much and yes he has to have a dab of ranch dressing! Weird? No, I don't mean take away McDonald's...let's face it we do give him that occasionally...........just like for me I do try and feed my family good foods. We cook Saturday-Thursday, some weeks the days change, just depending what's going on. I make a rule to treat my family's life just how I treat my own. I don't want to ever be unhealthy again, so I don't give them unhealthy things either. I love them and want to take care of them too, and we all be here together as long as God allows us.

No this post isn't preaching to people that I'm a perfect parent by any means, like I already said. I was just wanting you to see that while taking care of yourselves, never forget your loves ones, and know to keep your family involved as well throughout your new healthy life style, besides when everyone is on board it tends to make this whole thing easier for ya! It's just as important to me to keep my boys healthy too!

What fun things do you do with your family?