Wednesday, August 07, 2013

So 'What Wednesday' link up!

So What Wednesday

So what Wednesday is ON::: Love this day! (even though I'm like...2 weeks behind)

Oh well...whateva lezdoit!!
  • This man was in the car next to me at the red light picking his nose, and I was so glued to watching him, and the man behind me in his big monster SUV almost ram shacked, my tiny car! Hell, he was going to town, this was my entertainment for today! and I'm pretty sure I gave him a look kinda like this.........'the almighty stink face'

  • I keep letting my car get ALL the way down to E before filling it up..I have to be sure and get every ounce of gas, it's HIGH man!(and my car is dirty too, I see ya looking)
  • I let my son have McDonald's twice last week...ooooh shoot me for giving him fast food! Brace for the nasty comments!

  • I have a laundry list of things to do around the house, oh well, momma needs a break!

  • I almost forgot to do my squat challenge yesterday, and it hit me when I was standing in the shower....well what better place to 'drop it like a squat'...I like to kill two birds with one stone! (;

  • The gym had no AC(and no lights in spin class either)....can't lie it was hot as hell in there.....but we still dropped 'beast mode' in that biiiitch!! plus, I ate a cheeseburger, shhhhhhhh(that's between friends) (; so the extra calories burned didn't hurt either! 

  • Last night my son came to me saying "mommy I need to wash my handssss" why Brandon? "I pooped in them" ummmm mommy has to vomit now, excuse

Ok, where was I? Oh yea...
  • I'm the last person in the world who hasn't played 'Candy Crush' on Facebook, STOP SENDING ME REQUEST!!! I don't need to join some of you in 'Candy Crush rehab'! I'm cra cra on my own thanks!

  • I keep day-dreaming about a coney dog from Sonic!!! Man, I could use this in my life......right about now!

So what is making you say "SO WHAT" today? She says as she talks to herself