Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If you got a chance to know me, then you would know....

I was just taking my daily blog stalking reading with some of my favorite blog peeps and I saw a few of them doing this, so I said 'hell why not' give you a taste of me....well, you know what I mean.

If you got to know me, then you would know....

Yep, I'm goofy(this photo sums that up), loud, sometimes too damn friendly, the life of the party..that part may just be my opinion!
Sometimes I can be too loud, ask my hubby when he's in trouble! Yep, I'll catch an attitude especially if I'm annoyed...which isn't often.
I've worked in the medical field now for 7 years, but I want to get my degree in education! Love the kiddos!
I spend waaaay too much time on Pinterest, looking at the somee cards and laughing so hard, until I almost pee on myself!! hey it's productive
I really take too much from people at times and I hate that, then when that person hurts my feelings I do tend to get all upset.
I love meeting people, told ya I was too damn friendly. Can you believe people get annoyed with making friends? Jeez!
I'm a Louisiana native, a mommy of 1 baby boy(best thing I've ever done in my life), and married to my bff now for seven years!
Was a fat ass and decided I got tired of splitting my pants! Now I feel like I've taken control of my life more then I ever have.
My phone never stays charged because I'm on it too much, so I'm always packing my home charger in my bag. So if you see me out and need an Iphone charge, I'm your gal! I'll have for both 4 and 5 too, my husband's never stays charged either. 
I'm not really a pet lover no offense to my fellow pet lovers out there. Every time we've had a pet I end up cleaning all the piss and shit, while Spencer looks at me and tells me what to do. love ya babe!
I started this lil ole blog and I don't know what the hell I'm doing, I just sit for hours staring at the computer, praying something will jump out of my head onto the screen!  
I'm so obsessed with the color PINK, I drive people crazy....I mean the Pepto Bismol, bright PINK!
I tried every sport growing up and sucked at ALL of them! Well I stuck it out with softball, I mean I really wanted to take a pic in the uniform!
I'll be the first to apologize, and too much, I can't stand people mad at me...drives me up the walls. why can't I have the 'kiss my a**' attitude!
Jealous people annoy me to death! And people who think everyone is jealous of them is annoying too!
I worry too much...I swear I worry about every single thing you can think of.
I have an OCD for always trying to do things right, not perfect, but just knowing that I can do better, and I will rack my brain over and over till I get it!
I can't drink alcohol to save my life(except my occasional one glass of wine)... I'm what my friends call a 'light weight'...I called myself 2 fisting it back in my early 20's (tequila) and I got deathly sick, stayed in the toilet all night, sucking face with the linoleum! Tequila = no Bueno.
I cry when I'm mad, glad, upset, for Bambi! ok, I cry a lot!  And nope I don't care if you see me looking crazy, I have a kim k cry face..so my hubby likes to point out!

There's your taste! And I'm out! 
Adios Amigos!