Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Monday All!

Hey Hey, How's everyone doing? Good? Great. Me too!
I really had a quiet weekend. Only thing new is, Friday past was my last  day off during the week. Sad right? Nope, I'm so happy because this Friday I will be starting my new job and can't wait to tell you all about it.

So let me get on with my weekend shall we?

Friday Morning was nice starting off spin with the girls! And we all wore pink and yellow for the sweetest blogger named Kenzie who blogs @ Life According to Kenz! Check out her amazing journey and you'll learn to admire her strength, and love for God too!

Then Me, Jen and Crystal (who didn't want a pic) lol went to Cheddars for lunch! 

Love these ladies, they keep me positive!

And I'm jealous, Jen got a pic in the Princess Crystal's Benz! 

Me and the family had a grocery trip, and lord knows grocery shopping with a toddler is crazy and you always find yourself running all over the store!

Yup Brandon was caught messing with the bananas, and tried to say his knee was hurting so he wouldn't get in trouble! Nice one, Brandon!

Saturday morning workout and a lil wine with the hubby that evening. 

Sunday I did T25 and I think I had one too many glasses of wine from the night before...lord knows I thought I was going to be ill working out. But I got thru it! 

So what was y'alls weekend like? And did you workout? Even if you were on the verge of throwing up your guts?! lol

Again, Happy Monday! 

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