Thursday, August 15, 2013

Focus T25 Vlog and a few updates

Heeeyy Happy Thursday all!!!

I wanted to change this blog up a bit today......but first thing first, today is.....

yaaaaay! We are all still rolling! Shout out to the "Shrinking Mommas" (Facebook group)! Love those ladies!

But I can't forget to tell y'all about my 'Drop it like a squat challenge'! Even if I'm doing this alone..I still wanted y'all to know I haven't quit and it's never too late too email me so I can send you the calendar! (;

WARNING:  WARNING: WARNING: If your kids scream out while watching this video, please explain to them ... they are just thighs, and they may look dangerous, I promise they won't jump out and bite! (; 

Hope this makes you want to go buy it! (;