Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hey there peeps, today I was going to provide you with a little bit of "Cynthia Wisdom"!!!  step into my brain and have a chat with me, as I vomit these boring ass words on this post today. You're welcome for your daily dose of boredom, by the way.

So let's................

First, for those of you that have made the decision to change your life and get healthy.. I would love to be the first to say a GAINT congrats to you and hope that I can help in any way. Tina Fey is excited too! 

But I also want to be real with you for a second. Not everyone in your life is going to be as supportive as you may hope that they will, that meaning your family, friends, etc. So my advice is first come ask yourself a few questions and think hard. Why have you made this decision? How and what are you planning on doing to get to your goal? What are some of your goals? Be prepared for people to ask why? What if...? How come? Do you think you should? And have an answer for them when they do. Tell everyone you know that you are embarking on this new journey, the more people that know, the more you will be held accountable. And in my opinion if it wasn't for the accountability that I had, I don't think I would have come this far.

Yeah, I know that part that sucks ass the most is, CHANGING YOUR FOOD, well for me anyways, yes be prepared to make a few changes in that department, because let's face it, that is the MOST essential part in your "lifestyle change". Whether we like to believe it, and expect it, this is that 80% in your daily life that you are going to have to be more aware of. I promise once you discover Pinterest new ways to make your favorite things, it will make this seem less tedious daily. you could not have told me that when I first started.

Be prepared and know not every workout/eating day is going to be a "pass" there will be days that you feel like you have failed...but know this, you got up, you put on your workout clothes, you laced your shoes, whether you workout at home or wherever, if you plugged in a DVD and hit play, or jogged at a snails pace like me. I would just have to say there is no way that anyone would call that a FAIL, because you did more then that person that is still sitting on that couch talking about they should have, would have, and could have done what you did, but still they didn't and you're done now. (: I give you an A. Even the most fit person has a day where they feel like they could have done better. Yes, everyday will be a struggle, but think about how you feel when you workout, no not the soreness feel I mean the emotional feel.. and see if you can find something else that makes you feel that great and gives you that sense of accomplishment, and gets you in those skinny jeans, like working out does.

The more you beat yourself up about not doing your best or feeling like you could have done better, was the time you could have spent on realizing that tomorrow is another day and if you are blessed to see it, it's God's way of giving you another chance to make choices that you can feel pleased about. Understand, that since this is a "lifestyle change" it is impossible to be a former ice cream, candy, fried food eater, and think that for the rest of your life you will never have those things, come on now, we are being REAL here today, and "real" is, ummmm YES you will eat that stuff at some point, believe me. I do! And it's ok to enjoy yourself every once in a while...just do so in moderation!

So be encouraged today, be inspired, get motivated, stay dedicated, even when times get rough! Oh and remember that part when I said people are going to question you and say that why, how...blah blah? Ok well be prepared because they will be right back asking you.......

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