Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A letter to self

Dear Self,

Why do you seem so down or upset lately? You need to stop stressing over things in life that you have no control over. You need to stop beating yourself up...life is too precious to be worried about people that mean you NO good, the one's that are good in your life will be there to tell you the truth about you even when you can't seem to find the words for yourself, but also they will be there thru thick and thin. You need to learn to turn a deaf ear to the negative and keep your mind in closed on the positive. There's a lot of mean people out there, but you have to stop letting their words get the best of you, they may tell you that you can't or you won't. But, know that those will be the same people that will be asking you, how you did it.  You have to have the will to know that nothing can stop you from the goals you are trying to reach and things you are trying to achieve!

Sometimes, we all beat ourselves up, but you have to realize what great things you have accomplished and the great support group of friends and family that you have pushing you every step of the way thru this journey that you have embarked on. Do know, that you need to stay motivated and keep your head up, no one is going to feel sorry for you and you need not feel sorry for yourself. God has great things planned for you and he will never place things in your life that he is sure you can't overcome. So don't let people or things steal your joy, if you want to run then run, if you want to dance then dance! Life is full of possibilities and choices, but be sure to make the right ones for you and stop being your worrying self, caring about what everyone around you think and will say!

You may fail and want to give up, but know if you give up you may just be helping that one individual to achieve something great. You will never be like this person or that..and don't try to be, only be who you are and that's more then anyone can ask for...you keep going no matter what. Just when times seem like they get hard, just pray, and stay humble, motivated, determined, and inspired.  So smile, it looks much better on you!! Kill the WORLD with kindness and your same up beat attitude in spite of the rest!