Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A few "what's happenings" for ya!

So I'm a lazy bum who hasn't been in the mood for blogging.....I did Monday's post and felt so lazy on Tuesday. I really think it's because my life with my wonderful new job has changed so much and I'm trying to get adjusted to the times and stuff. I go in late and I get off late, and that has been huge for me, because all my working years I've always had a job where I would have to be up at the crack of dawn, so now this feels weird going in so much later.

The other thing that is hard for me now is that, I have to miss the gym with my divas these days, and OMG that is kicking me in the royal pants. HUGE change. But God provided this opportunity for me and my family and I'm so happy, words couldn't describe how grateful I am, and for my husband taking such a major role these days, getting Brandon, cooking and doing all the things for us in the evenings till I make it home. Boy, thats a great blessing to have it where he's so willing to put even more things on him plate to work with my new schedule.

I'm going to give y'all another example of my worrying, ok so tell me why I've been at work stressing, omg what if Brandon gets sick and I have to take off or what if I have to leave, y'all know I worry too dang much!! I need a chill pill! lol!

But just like all things, God will work all that out too, so no worries! Well, this is your normal boring post, but I do have a few more updates for y' and the Shrinking Mommas, have finished Focus T25 Alpha month and loved it and now we are in day 3 of the Beta month, and I don't know about them, but I'm getting my ass kicked so far. Man oh man, this month is even harder. I will be taking measurements and weight for you all soon from month 1 on Saturday if LeAnn is at the gym, and then post it! Ummmm FYI , don't expect a giant change because I can't lie, I didn't eat all that well for Alpha month. I'm praying that I'll do better in this month........another thing about working in an OBGYN office, is you tend to get ALL these great lunches, and they roll in on a daily basis, so can you say 'fat ass'? if I don't get some self control, but the good thing for the month of September they will be doing renovations, so no rep is allowed to bring lunch! The heavens have open, for my big butt, thank the Lord, because I don't need all those tempting lunches with trying to tackle Beta month.

Not going to lie to you guys, I've been there 4 days or so now, and I swear I've never seen as many cookies and cakes and pies brought in in one day in like 5 years with working at a doctor's office. "Self control", "self control", "self control"!!!!!!! "one minute on the lips, a life time on the hips"!!!!!!!!

Trust me, I'll get it together, I've been giving myself little "pep" talks if you will, in the morning before I go in! LOL hahaha! Oh oh before I quit blabbing, I need to also tell y'all that I finished the "drop it like a squat challenge"! Whomp!!! So glad that's over, I should have taken a pic of my ass to see if that has lifted in these last 30 days, I want this thang where you can bounce a quarter off of it!!! lol haha kidding! nice and round would be nice!  Oh well, on to the next challenge! I haven't 100% decided on what challenge I'll do next, I'm really leaning towards, an arm challenge, but I'll sure let you guys know and see if anyone wants to join in for September!

So, I guess my complaining and blabbing is over till tomorrow, I am enjoying the extra time in the mornings with Bran though, and he seems to love it too, because he can sleep in and watch all his shows, and we can have a nice sit down breakfast as a opposed to rushing out in the mornings like before!

Hope everyone's Wednesday is AWESOME!! Here's the arm challenge from Pinterest that I was thinking on doing if anyone else wanted to do it, please feel free!