Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday Link up

Hey it's that time of the week again, let's get our dance's FRIDAY! And Friday's are link up with Darci and her FUN 5 on Friday. Let's do it!!

1. As many of you know, today is my very first day at my NEW job and I couldn't be more excited, and blessed to have this opportunity to embark on this new journey and tell you guys all about it! 

2. To find out earlier this week that Lee Thompson Young from my favorite childhood television show called 'The Famous Jett Jackson' on Disney, committed suicide, was so devastating, OMG I swear I had THE biggest crush on him, and all the girls and I in the neighborhood would fight over which one of us was his girlfriend! LOL ! R.I.P Lee T. Young! 
3. Y'all know I love me some Pinterest and I stalk  read it daily, I'm so NOT a decorator, but I absolutely love this crafty project that hangs from your ceiling, that a lady did!! So cute to me! 

4. My old co-workers were nice and gave me a 'farewell' lunch yesterday and a gift. They know I love my phone and I change cases like changing drawers! They got this little cute baby from an awesome boutique called Francesca's 
5.  Lastly, I found these cool drinks on of course my favorite place, Pinterest and I will be trying ALL of them in the next few weeks and I will blog about them and give you guys my HONEST answer! If they are nasty as hell, y'all will most certainly know! And you should try them too, so I can get your opinion! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, and an awesome weekend! I will holla at you guys on Monday!! Monday's blog is going to be different! I won't be blogging about my weekend for a change! Can you be-weave it? I think hell just froze over!