Thursday, August 08, 2013

5 on FRIDAY link up!

Hello, hellooooo! Peeps! It's Friday, I'm doing the Arsenio Hall (whoop whoop) up in this biiiitch!

Yes I'm super excited! Ready to hit the gym, and beast-mode it today!! But first things first, I must join Darci and her fun 5 on Friday!

Why am I so obsessed with these two cars? Like, break my neck, almost wreck when one passes by...obsessed! Strange?

My son's 3rd Bday is next month and I'm such a procrastinator, so this year I was going to get an early start, because he's been asking for a party. But the kicker is.....I don't know what to do! I'm not a great party planner! I hate planning crap, the pressure is too much!!!

Why have I been craving things with cheese???? OMG!! I have to try this unhealthy cheese dish from Pinterest! May need to call the 'Pepto/Murelax' police when I down this!! but oh well!

What do you think of this hat (and outfit) too much? What would y'all think if I wore this?..Sorry I'm a Pinterest stalker  lover! But you have to admit..she's working that hat!

Yaaaayyyy, hoooooray for a diva weekend! Saturday night out with the girls, you know the usual man bashing get togethers we have here and there!!! 

(hell yea it is)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday y'all!