Thursday, August 08, 2013

10 Pre and Post Workout foods


1. Protein Shakes: are great before and after your workouts, slammed packed with nutrition and vitamins. They are also great snacks and meal replacements. Great source of protein and away to promote muscle growth.

2. Oatmeal and Fruit (yummy): Energy boost, great source of fiber, and sugar that keeps you moving during your workouts.

3. Low fat cottage cheese: Packed with protein, calcium, and carbohydrates. Eating protein will help you avoid tearing or pulling to the muscles during your workouts!
4. Carrots:  Another awesome source of carbs! Helps provide strength and potassium for the body!

5. Whole Grain Bagels!  Omg, I looove bagels, anything that says I can eat them, I'm all for it, pass the butter please! A great source of 'Complex Carbs' providing that flow of energy while you hit the iron or treadmill....which ever things you do during your workout!! You stay in 'beast mode' during and after the gym, when you gulp down bagels!! wooohooo

POST-WORKOUT: Once, you've busted your ass and sweated the day away, you now need foods in your body that will rehydrate you and leave you feeling GREAT!

1. Milk chocolate (Fav): Chocolate milk provides calcium, 90% water, potassium and electrolytes. Drinking this after a workout will provide the necessary proteins and carbohydrates that were lost during an intense sweat session.
2. Chicken and a Side of Veggies:  An awesome dense meal that's all about you packing in that extra protein after your intense workout is what your body needs. Super easy to throw some chicken breast and veggies together and have a well-balanced quick healthy meal!
3. Eggs and O.J.:  everyone knows that eggs are the best source of protein around, but... mix that with a little O.J not Simpson and BAM you have a great post-workout combo!!
4. Granola:  For those times you don’t want to eat something large after a workout, granola is the perfect solution! It’s perfect for on-the-go and everywhere else. Granola provides protein, carbs, and healthy fat that will keep you energized and moving! You can mix it with yogurt or enjoy it by itself. However, make sure to set aside a certain amount rather than eating out of a bag so you can have control over how much you eat. Too much granola can become high in calories pretty quickly!
5. Cheese and Crackers: Love this, and it's nice when you don't want something big after. My favorite crackers are Mary's Gone Crackers yummy!!! High in fiber, but be sure to chose reduced-fat cheese. You can also have turkey meat with crackers!

Hope someone could use this info!!! Happy Thursday!!!