Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday link up and I'll take your questions

Hey guys,

I was thinking about doing a vlog, but a vlog of your questions! You get together some questions and I'll answer them for you! Nothing too personal, but anything else I'll be more then glad to answer! You can email me at, in case some of you don't want to leave a comment on the blog! I won't say your name or anything like just ask away!!!!!!!

Also, I don't know about you guys, but I'm happy as you know what that it's friday so I'm doing my link up today with the sweet Darci !!!


I can't believe this week was back to school, jeez that rolled around so fast, I know if I was a school aged kid I would be mad as hell! lol Where does the time go? Even though Bran is still small, I can't help but look at all the cool school supplies and trendy clothes that's out for kids these days! Cracks me up sometimes when I think back to all the crazy shit we wore in school, and we thought it was the beez n eeeze!


Y'all that read my blog know I love a good ole quote or something funny that I find off Pinterest (: This one was my favorite one this week!


I'm not a huge fan of the chevron pattern like some, but I'm really thinking it's growing on me, I mean it's cute in moderation...check this lamp shade out! Another Pinterest find!


I really thought working around all these preggo ladies and seeing all the new babies and getting to hold them, I would so have baby fever, but really I don't AT ALL, is that bad? I mean Brandon is almost three and I thought our kids would be really close in age, but that doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon. Call my selfish, but I really like just having one kid, Spencer may think different on that. But I feel like if I'm not sure or I keep going back and forth in my head about expanding our family, then it may not be in God's plan right now! I'm sure we'll figure it out, but for now we're good with the trio we have! (:



Happy Friday Friends~~~~

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A few "what's happenings" for ya!

So I'm a lazy bum who hasn't been in the mood for blogging.....I did Monday's post and felt so lazy on Tuesday. I really think it's because my life with my wonderful new job has changed so much and I'm trying to get adjusted to the times and stuff. I go in late and I get off late, and that has been huge for me, because all my working years I've always had a job where I would have to be up at the crack of dawn, so now this feels weird going in so much later.

The other thing that is hard for me now is that, I have to miss the gym with my divas these days, and OMG that is kicking me in the royal pants. HUGE change. But God provided this opportunity for me and my family and I'm so happy, words couldn't describe how grateful I am, and for my husband taking such a major role these days, getting Brandon, cooking and doing all the things for us in the evenings till I make it home. Boy, thats a great blessing to have it where he's so willing to put even more things on him plate to work with my new schedule.

I'm going to give y'all another example of my worrying, ok so tell me why I've been at work stressing, omg what if Brandon gets sick and I have to take off or what if I have to leave, y'all know I worry too dang much!! I need a chill pill! lol!

But just like all things, God will work all that out too, so no worries! Well, this is your normal boring post, but I do have a few more updates for y' and the Shrinking Mommas, have finished Focus T25 Alpha month and loved it and now we are in day 3 of the Beta month, and I don't know about them, but I'm getting my ass kicked so far. Man oh man, this month is even harder. I will be taking measurements and weight for you all soon from month 1 on Saturday if LeAnn is at the gym, and then post it! Ummmm FYI , don't expect a giant change because I can't lie, I didn't eat all that well for Alpha month. I'm praying that I'll do better in this month........another thing about working in an OBGYN office, is you tend to get ALL these great lunches, and they roll in on a daily basis, so can you say 'fat ass'? if I don't get some self control, but the good thing for the month of September they will be doing renovations, so no rep is allowed to bring lunch! The heavens have open, for my big butt, thank the Lord, because I don't need all those tempting lunches with trying to tackle Beta month.

Not going to lie to you guys, I've been there 4 days or so now, and I swear I've never seen as many cookies and cakes and pies brought in in one day in like 5 years with working at a doctor's office. "Self control", "self control", "self control"!!!!!!! "one minute on the lips, a life time on the hips"!!!!!!!!

Trust me, I'll get it together, I've been giving myself little "pep" talks if you will, in the morning before I go in! LOL hahaha! Oh oh before I quit blabbing, I need to also tell y'all that I finished the "drop it like a squat challenge"! Whomp!!! So glad that's over, I should have taken a pic of my ass to see if that has lifted in these last 30 days, I want this thang where you can bounce a quarter off of it!!! lol haha kidding! nice and round would be nice!  Oh well, on to the next challenge! I haven't 100% decided on what challenge I'll do next, I'm really leaning towards, an arm challenge, but I'll sure let you guys know and see if anyone wants to join in for September!

So, I guess my complaining and blabbing is over till tomorrow, I am enjoying the extra time in the mornings with Bran though, and he seems to love it too, because he can sleep in and watch all his shows, and we can have a nice sit down breakfast as a opposed to rushing out in the mornings like before!

Hope everyone's Wednesday is AWESOME!! Here's the arm challenge from Pinterest that I was thinking on doing if anyone else wanted to do it, please feel free!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Things that are WORSE then Mondays

Hello friends, and yes it's Monday AGAIN! Damn, this day rolls around fast! Is Monday not the day that makes you wish you would have gotten those extra ZZZs in? Oh, well you're up now so let's get on with it, shall we?

I'm here to tell ya..there are far worse things then a Monday....did she just say that?
The famous female clip up:
I mean you could always be this chick... This is so me! Call me 'Super Clumsy girl'!

The naked neighbor:  
You could have woke up this morning and saw your neighbor getting in a early morning slip n slide bath! It's ok, just wave and smile!

Amanda Bynes track record, no thanks:
 I'll take 2 billion Mondays!
Nose picking caught on national TV:  
I love catching people picking their nose, it cracks me up!!..
No public restroom toilet paper:
This seems to happen to me every time I go to the mall, I get so pissed!

The famous God awful Walmart lines, with 2 lanes open and you have 5 million groceries not to mention a screaming kid who wants everything he or she sees.....and the lady in front is trying to pull every coupon she has and price compare them ALL, with her 5 million newpaper ads!

Someone shot me NOW!!

The piss on the toilet seat:
Now that Brandon is going to the potty, it's a blessing and a curse because, every public bathroom he sees he has to go. And you start to wish for those Huggies...just when the smell and grossness of this bathroom smacks you in the face! Try and remember potty training is great in, most situations.

Yup I've had this happen to me one day at work...

This photo of Kim K:

But if you happen to get so bored with the day and you feel the urge to want to rest please keep this in mind........

Let's face it...any Monday is better then you getting yo ass fired!!!

Now don't you feel better? haha

Adios Amigos!

Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday Link up

Hey it's that time of the week again, let's get our dance's FRIDAY! And Friday's are link up with Darci and her FUN 5 on Friday. Let's do it!!

1. As many of you know, today is my very first day at my NEW job and I couldn't be more excited, and blessed to have this opportunity to embark on this new journey and tell you guys all about it! 

2. To find out earlier this week that Lee Thompson Young from my favorite childhood television show called 'The Famous Jett Jackson' on Disney, committed suicide, was so devastating, OMG I swear I had THE biggest crush on him, and all the girls and I in the neighborhood would fight over which one of us was his girlfriend! LOL ! R.I.P Lee T. Young! 
3. Y'all know I love me some Pinterest and I stalk  read it daily, I'm so NOT a decorator, but I absolutely love this crafty project that hangs from your ceiling, that a lady did!! So cute to me! 

4. My old co-workers were nice and gave me a 'farewell' lunch yesterday and a gift. They know I love my phone and I change cases like changing drawers! They got this little cute baby from an awesome boutique called Francesca's 
5.  Lastly, I found these cool drinks on of course my favorite place, Pinterest and I will be trying ALL of them in the next few weeks and I will blog about them and give you guys my HONEST answer! If they are nasty as hell, y'all will most certainly know! And you should try them too, so I can get your opinion! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, and an awesome weekend! I will holla at you guys on Monday!! Monday's blog is going to be different! I won't be blogging about my weekend for a change! Can you be-weave it? I think hell just froze over! 


Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hey there peeps, today I was going to provide you with a little bit of "Cynthia Wisdom"!!!  step into my brain and have a chat with me, as I vomit these boring ass words on this post today. You're welcome for your daily dose of boredom, by the way.

So let's................

First, for those of you that have made the decision to change your life and get healthy.. I would love to be the first to say a GAINT congrats to you and hope that I can help in any way. Tina Fey is excited too! 

But I also want to be real with you for a second. Not everyone in your life is going to be as supportive as you may hope that they will, that meaning your family, friends, etc. So my advice is first come ask yourself a few questions and think hard. Why have you made this decision? How and what are you planning on doing to get to your goal? What are some of your goals? Be prepared for people to ask why? What if...? How come? Do you think you should? And have an answer for them when they do. Tell everyone you know that you are embarking on this new journey, the more people that know, the more you will be held accountable. And in my opinion if it wasn't for the accountability that I had, I don't think I would have come this far.

Yeah, I know that part that sucks ass the most is, CHANGING YOUR FOOD, well for me anyways, yes be prepared to make a few changes in that department, because let's face it, that is the MOST essential part in your "lifestyle change". Whether we like to believe it, and expect it, this is that 80% in your daily life that you are going to have to be more aware of. I promise once you discover Pinterest new ways to make your favorite things, it will make this seem less tedious daily. you could not have told me that when I first started.

Be prepared and know not every workout/eating day is going to be a "pass" there will be days that you feel like you have failed...but know this, you got up, you put on your workout clothes, you laced your shoes, whether you workout at home or wherever, if you plugged in a DVD and hit play, or jogged at a snails pace like me. I would just have to say there is no way that anyone would call that a FAIL, because you did more then that person that is still sitting on that couch talking about they should have, would have, and could have done what you did, but still they didn't and you're done now. (: I give you an A. Even the most fit person has a day where they feel like they could have done better. Yes, everyday will be a struggle, but think about how you feel when you workout, no not the soreness feel I mean the emotional feel.. and see if you can find something else that makes you feel that great and gives you that sense of accomplishment, and gets you in those skinny jeans, like working out does.

The more you beat yourself up about not doing your best or feeling like you could have done better, was the time you could have spent on realizing that tomorrow is another day and if you are blessed to see it, it's God's way of giving you another chance to make choices that you can feel pleased about. Understand, that since this is a "lifestyle change" it is impossible to be a former ice cream, candy, fried food eater, and think that for the rest of your life you will never have those things, come on now, we are being REAL here today, and "real" is, ummmm YES you will eat that stuff at some point, believe me. I do! And it's ok to enjoy yourself every once in a while...just do so in moderation!

So be encouraged today, be inspired, get motivated, stay dedicated, even when times get rough! Oh and remember that part when I said people are going to question you and say that why, how...blah blah? Ok well be prepared because they will be right back asking you.......

Come follow me on Pinterest and my Facebook Fanpage! Would love to see y'all and if you want to log your food thru this journey you can also find me on MyFitness Pal and my username is cynthiajohnson10!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Day of Quotes...

Hi, Today I wanted to do something that I hope is inspiring for someone. As many of you know I love Pinterest  for many reasons, but one of those reasons are: I love reading quotes or little sayings daily. Sometimes I go there to read especially if I'm having a day where I need a little help writing a blog.
Just going to give you a few one's that I like: I promise I won't take up too much of your time, because I could give you hundreds. (;

This one gives ya something to think on:

Do you ever just find yourself trying to make sense of EVERYTHING in life? I know I do, and it becomes upsetting, because you soon realize you can't change the world. And this is good for my worrying self.

This was me yesterday, so I needed to pray harder.
This one was extremely dear to me, because as some of you know, this is my last few days at my current job after 5 years, and it took me a long time to find it in myself to leave. Like many things we do in life, and we do on a regular basis we become complacent and it gets harder to move on from them, so I did a lot of soul searching when I came to this decision, and I never felt more happy and calm about it! true!

Hope everyone's Tuesday is AMAZING! Also, today I had the amazing opportunity to guest post over on Sarah's Blog, go over and check it out!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Monday All!

Hey Hey, How's everyone doing? Good? Great. Me too!
I really had a quiet weekend. Only thing new is, Friday past was my last  day off during the week. Sad right? Nope, I'm so happy because this Friday I will be starting my new job and can't wait to tell you all about it.

So let me get on with my weekend shall we?

Friday Morning was nice starting off spin with the girls! And we all wore pink and yellow for the sweetest blogger named Kenzie who blogs @ Life According to Kenz! Check out her amazing journey and you'll learn to admire her strength, and love for God too!

Then Me, Jen and Crystal (who didn't want a pic) lol went to Cheddars for lunch! 

Love these ladies, they keep me positive!

And I'm jealous, Jen got a pic in the Princess Crystal's Benz! 

Me and the family had a grocery trip, and lord knows grocery shopping with a toddler is crazy and you always find yourself running all over the store!

Yup Brandon was caught messing with the bananas, and tried to say his knee was hurting so he wouldn't get in trouble! Nice one, Brandon!

Saturday morning workout and a lil wine with the hubby that evening. 

Sunday I did T25 and I think I had one too many glasses of wine from the night before...lord knows I thought I was going to be ill working out. But I got thru it! 

So what was y'alls weekend like? And did you workout? Even if you were on the verge of throwing up your guts?! lol

Again, Happy Monday! 

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