Monday, July 15, 2013

Wonderful Weekend!

Friday Night with the Best friends ever at Houlihan's!!(Minus Crystal, who was sadly out of town)

Saturday I headed to the gym for a GREAT morning burn to jump start my DAY! Check my footwork...hubby surprised me with some new kicks!! Super comfy!
Then I got a MUCH needed manicure....Oh my hands needed's been a while! Too embarrassed to say how long! lol Bran wanted to show his sweet little fingers too!! His will always look better!!!

Then me and baby had a mommy son day at Target!!! A very successful trip Brandon found himself a new pool!! Yay!! But he wanted to play with bubbles in the back yard instead!! Well, I think he enjoyed the stick in his hand more then the bubbles if you ask me!

Sunday Family Fun Day!!! We worked out and just relaxed!!! (here's Brandon's Treat) Brandon also thought it would be fun to show everyone his pull-up I said "brandon take a pic with mommy" so he bent over lol!! He hates pics if you haven't guessed that by now!! (Where does he come from?) lol
That's better bran!! lol

Have a Blessed and Happy Monday!!!