Monday, July 01, 2013

Weekend Snapshot!!

Here's a weekend Snap shot for ya!

Had a great workout with LeAnn that Friday morning (2 hours and 1500 cals burned) Boo-Yah!!! Then Me n the Divas had a nice lunch at cheddars.....We always have fun together!! Love them

Then I got home and had the best nap before picking up Brandon.... Aww how I love a great nap! Woke up and Me and Spencer did Asylum: Game Day!! Omg this workout is BEAST!!
Off to "Date Night" which really consist of a grocery pit-stop, and a toddler in a push cart eating McDonalds! "Date Night" has changed!! But I love it just the same!!

Saturday I didn't do a thing, I went to the gym and then came home and cleaned! I'm so lame! Then made dinner and relaxed with the boys! Then of course worked out again!

Sunday I made some turkey meatballs and you can find the recipe here meatballs! so yummy!!!

By the end of the weekend for some reason I felt beat! IDK why!! But I did Asylum...again and ran and then came home and passed out!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!