Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Transformation Tuesday!

Today I just felt the need to say somethings that were on my chest!

I ask myself how do I get thru some days? But in turned my husband asked me how I do ALL the things I do everyday and how I keep myself going, between my son, house work, full time job and everything else that goes on in my life, oh and between himself too? lol

I told him DUH mom's inject themselves with "super power juice" every morning to put up with kids, husbands and life...LOL I only wish!  

You know I may have talked about this before...but some things I think I left out(and I got asked by people)....so...here goes....

(1.)  I started this blog thing truthfully and honestly because, I needed something to make me held accountable for everyday, posting everyday is a way for me to keep motivated as well, I know that if I slack off after I've motivated and inspired people, then that would make me feel like I failed someone, because I gave up, so I know that I don't dare want to do a thing like that, so I keep going.

(2.)  Sometimes I workout even when I'm not feeling good(it's a way for me to feel better and not focus so much on feeling like crap), but I know everyone has their different beliefs in that.

(3.)  As far as keeping up with my workouts and doing them daily, even with raising my 2 year old...well I think about this....I want to live a long healthy life with my family, and teach my son healthy ways. And before I couldn't do that because I didn't know any better myself. And as far as everything else in life and balancing them.... me and my husband share a lot of responsibilities to get the job done! I have to admit, he helps me A LOT with our son, and the house hold chores, so I can't lie and act like I'm SUPER mom and I do it all alone and blah blah....because the realist of it.....I DON'T!

(4.)  People always ask me how spencer views my weight....well you know, I don't really ask what he thinks, sometimes he'll come out and tell me I'm hot or if I'm going out he'll say I look sexy, but I guess thru this journey I haven't pick his brain about what he really thinks...and I laugh because every time we do our workouts he always says "damn you kicked my ass, I admire your hard work"! and that feels good to have him notice that I bust my ass during my workouts...what's a workout if you don't? So no I didn't get told I was fat or it wasn't my husband not being attracted to me that started this all..when I read stuff like that, it's sad to hear, and I believe if that person didn't love the way you looked before honey, trust they can't possibly love you any different now...weight is on the outside, they should fall in love with what's on the inside....weight loss does not fix a broken marriage, or a cheating husband. Just saying!

(5.)  Another thing that I've heard people say was.....and this one is my fav!!! How have your weight loss changed you as a person? You know what? It hasn't, not one bit...I pray everyday of my life for God to continue to keep me as that humble individual that I've always been.....But I will tell you this...the things that have changed are: (1.) My pants/dress size (2.) The number on the scale (3.) My BMI (4.) the fact when I go to the doctor, she doesn't keep reminding me that I need to lose weight, or I'll be on all different meds (5.) I've gained more friendships because I go to the gym with the best women in the world (6.) the fact that I can workout and last longer then before, and not feel like I'm about to go into cardiac arrest while in LeAnn's spin class (7.) I'm more open minded to try new workouts (8.) My bra size lol. Just to name a few!!

(6.)  I get asked "well what about if you want more kids, are you afraid of gaining weight again?" Nope! Not at all....I feel like that's not a time to stress about weight, it's a time to remain healthy and focused on the life you are bringing in this world. But sometimes I don't know if I do or don't want more kids to be honest (not trying to put too much out there) but it's true...that's something I go back and forth in my head about...my husband is ok with more or just Brandon...he leaves that kind of up to me I think. Let's just say the verdict is still out on that for now.......To Be Continued!

(7.)  Is it hard to eat right? Ummmmm hell yes!!! Everyday is a struggle not to want to eat any and everything you want. But I let myself have a "guilt free day". It gives me a day to look forward to, so that the other 6 days I have to be a good girl! But that may not work for everyone. So find what works for you.


(These are just a few questions I got from people) I hope I answered most of your questions!
If I missed something I promise to get it in the next blog! (:

P.S. I'm such a dork....I'm excited to be getting e-mails from people I don't know.....yaaaaaayyy!!! lol!

I hope everyone have a Blessed Tuesday!