Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My BeachBody workout reviews!

These are ALL just from my own personal experiences with each program! 
I received a request from one of my readers and she wanted me to share my reviews on some of the BeachBody workouts that I've done thus far:

{1}.  TurboFire: The original ---started weight at 226 pounds and when done I was 195 pounds (-31 lbs)
PROs: (Y'all know I love pictures)

  • I loved the music and the upbeat of Chalene and the WHOLE crew!
  • The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that Chalene does is so much fun, my fav is HIIT 15, just 15 mins and BAM you're done! 
  • She incorporates strength training in her program and ABs, so that you aren't only focused on cardio.
  • Having a modifier in the program was great for me, because when I started TF I was so badly out of shape.
  • Boy, I can't lie this one is hard, but one con is that Chalene doesn't really explain a lot, and I found a lot of people saying that in reviews too. 
  • As you advance in the program the workouts do tend to get longer over the months. And if you are trying to balance life, that can get a little complicated.
  • The length of the program was long 20 weeks!

{2} Insanity: The mother of ALL workouts! lol started at 195 pounds when done I was down to 178ish (-17) then after doing it for (6 months) my weight did not change but, my BMI and inches did! 

  • I truly looooove Insanity, mainly because of the amazing results that I received in such a short amount of time! In the second month alone I had lost 17 pounds, when I did round 1. I ended up doing Insanity for 6 months instead of the 60 days! That's how much I loved it!
  • The length of the program 60 days...
  • The first month, once you get thru the 20 mins warmup, the workout was 20 mins or so!
  • Shaun T is BRILLIANT, meaning he designs his programs to where they are usually about 60 days, but he has it where you don't necessarily shed fat the first month, but you build muscle, then when you enter the last phase of the program....that's when the pounds come rolling off! BUT, word of advice, never give up on Insanity because you don't see a huge weight loss after going thru month 1, I promise it works and you will get some nice body rewards at the end!
  • Only thing I hate is in Month 2 the workouts are so long, almost makes you quit your day job just to complete them! But worth it!

{3} Asylum: Seemed to be more for people who are into athletics, then your day to day mommy looking to get fit.

  • This is a good program for people who are into different sports and looking to stay fit in off season.
  • Very different and my body needed a change
  • Liked it because it was getting me ready for fall soccer, which I haven't played in like yearssss.
  • Workouts are lengthy
  • Requires a lot of equipment 
  • Requires a lot of space in your home
  • My body really did not change much, just kept me fit (which could be a pro) lol
{4} Focus T25: Absolutely loooooove!---starting at 177ish to be cont....

  • OMG where do I start with saying how much I love this program so far! The length of time is the best
  • They have a modifier in the program
  • He has both strength training and ABs in this 
  • On friday you don't have just ONE 25 min workout you have 2!!!! UGH 50 mins with NO break! Can you say 'No Bueno"? THE PAIN!!! 

So those are all the BeachBody workouts that I've done so far and completed, (well, we just started T25 2 weeks ago)! I hope that each of you decide on trying one of these and let me know what you think and share with me your results, even if you hate one of them, because personally, I tried P90x and I did not like it at all!!! Please let me know if I missed something that you may have had a question on. (:

Happy Hump Day Wednesday!