Tuesday, July 02, 2013

My 2013 Bucket list!

I was going to share with you some things that I had on my "Bucket List" for this year. This is merely a list that I kind of put out some of my goals and try to accomplish them!

1. As some of you know, this year I want to complete at least 5 5k runs before the end of the year. We did 2 so far( The Pretty Muddy and Firefly run)....ummmm sounds like I need to get busy huh??? I'm looking into them now I promise! ( Please tell me about any races you have coming up in your area)
So I guess that's a few I had in mind!

2.  Something else...speaking of races..I really have been thinking about running my very first half marathon, but that probably won't be this year, because I would want to train for that!

3.  My next workouts that I plan on finishing this year is: Shaun T's new Workout called Focus T25  I'm soooooo excited to be getting this workout! ( please get it and do it too and tell me your results) and this is another workout that me and "The Shrinking Mommas" are doing!!! Love those girls! (Below screenshot of what it looks like)

But I was bored! lol and thought I would share a few things on my mind with ya! I know it's not much but, I'll have more!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!!