Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meet Crystal: Part 2: You don't have to be a blogger to have a story

Today let's meet Crystal! Also known as our "Princess Diva"! Crystal is amazing! A mommy of 1 and a deep follower of God! Crystal has a very inspiring story to share with everyone! Losing weight is hard, but Crystal shows if you stick to it no matter what, you can achieve great things! And she's one of those cra cra people that wakes up to go to the gym before the sun is up! Jeez, what's wrong with her? hahaha!

Crystal, you have the floor beautiful:

How to make losing weight fun, challenging, exciting, most importantly how to make it a life change versus a diet...

Hello I'm Crystal, and I'm so glad to be able to share with everyone my weight loss story on Cynthia's blog today:

I started this journey alone and lost weight but it seemed long and boring not to mention stressful. I felt for years like I just couldn't keep the weight off, every time I lost I gained even more back, I got up to 258 lbs and kept gaining faster and faster. I would try every diet that came out and nothing stuck with me, I felt like a yo yo, until I decided enough was enough. I was tired of wasting money, eating awful foods, and not seeing any long term changes!
So, I made the choice to join a gym and soon, I met a group of amazing women that encouraged, inspired, and never gave up on me and this was way better than any diet I had ever tried. They shared their secrets with how counting calories really helped them and from there I started not only counting calories but decided to change some things in my life to better my life. I cut out foods that I felt were not healthy for me, like deep fried things, and oh I'm a lover of bread,  but when I changed those things and ate them in moderation this was when I noticed the change taking place with my body! I went through a lot of tough trials that really scared me and the doctors were threatening to do a surgery that would leave me not able to have kids but thanks to these amazing women that taught me to love myself enough to change my life, and to give up some things that I did not need to live a long promising joyful life.

I used to hate working out but I found out how to love and enjoy it. I now take up, spin classes, body pump, and turbo kick. Oh and like missydallas said, Yes I love waking up and starting my day off with a 5am class! So, now a days if I miss a work out I have such an off day, it's become my new 'high' in life! I find myself even working out on vacations because I found something that I love and more importantly enjoy doing. I never would have found this new joy and new me had I not decided to have a life change and have life.
Someone once said to live you cannot always be on a diet but I am not dieting and I am living. I eat anything I want just not as much but please believe I am not depriving myself. I for one love to snack and I still allow myself to snack just on the low calorie snack and they taste just as good. When I think about where I was last year I push myself even harder because I wasn't just overweight but I was facing some serious health problems and I am now not only thinner but healthier and happier!

Tips I use:

1.  Use a heart rate monitor- it so nice to see what you've achieved at the end of your workouts.
2.  Having a fun group of friends to keep you honest and accountable is so helpful.
3.  Sometimes buying new workout clothes can keep you motivated to go to the gym. 
4.  When you seem like you want to give up, just remember how far you've come and all the hard work you put in. 
5.  Incorporate your family into your new life style change....I love working out with my family. 
6.   Don't be afraid to reward yourself with some of your favorite things.
7.   I found tracking my food on Myfitness Pal really helped, because a lot of foods I would have never imagined some of the calories and sodium content in them.  

Losing weight can be challenging but it also can be fun, exciting, and rewarding if you find a group of supportive people to push, encourage, and support you. My group of ladies are not only women I work out with but they are my bff's, my sisters, women I call on to get me over the hill. I am so blessed and honored to have met these women and to call each of them friends. I dedicate my success and weight loss to each of them!!!!

Continue to follow MissyDallas because, she is one of those women who helped me get to where I am. I am not where I want to be but far from where I was and I know by the time we finish this next challenge we are starting in our facebook group 'Shrinking Mommas' I will so have met my goal. You will be able to find her recipes, inspiring stories and more so continue to follow her, you will so be glad you did, WISH YOU ALL MUCH LUCK AND SUCCESS!!!  Today I'm proud to say that I am down 73 pounds and AM never going back!