Monday, July 29, 2013

Just need to tell ya something?

Today, I just wanted to be honest with everyone that has become my new you read anything from me from now on, you'll see I'm very honest and want you all to enjoy being here on my blog, because I understand that you have the choice not to be here and taking the time reading anything from me, but I'm honored that you've chose to come and read!

So here goes:

Ever since I guest posted on Mama Laughlin's blog Thursday, I've been so nervous to blog because before I guest posted I really did not have an audience except my close friends and family that knew of me. Please know that I'm not at all complaining or ungrateful for having the opportunity to share my LONG weight loss story, because I'm over the moon excited and happy and thank all of you for reading, and Mama L for having me! But now that I'm starting to have people know my little ol'blog is here, I feel like I'm going to screw up and bore everyone, and I want to be the opposite.

So I want each of you to know that, my main goal here is to inspire, motivate, and help each of you know that you too can achieve great things during your weight loss or whatever it is you are doing, and I'm happy to help. So please email me, Facebook me, anytime and ask questions on whatever. As some of you already know, I'm a chatter and I love talking to people, and I can talk for hours. LOL! But that's just me and you'll see that over time...hahaha what I'm I talking read my long post already Thursday so you've figured that much out.

To the ones that have sent me messages and comments, I'm so happy to meet you and I hope I've answered you all in a timely manner....over the last few days, I've had the BEST messages from you and I'm so grateful!!! I love helping people and I'm starting to really enjoy blogging, and from talking to all the veteran bloggers, I understand that it takes time to build viewers.....but most importantly to me is I receive all of y'alls feedback so that I can make sure I touch on topics that you want to hear or have questions on. Within my blog, I do discuss my family and friends periodically, I talk about different recipes that I myself have tried or plan on trying that I find on Pinterest mostly. I discuss information that I find that will help you and me when it comes to weight loss, fitness, and just things that are plain ole motivation!

Trust me I've started to learn that blogging can be so hard you guys....I mean it looks super easy, but in reality it is hard. So I have great respect for ALL the bloggers out there that are blogging and have blogged for many years!! I've just started this in February and I've just started in May being very consistent with it. I'm new and already found myself in several 'writer's blocks' or I like the term 'brain farts'! haha Often find myself looking like this.....but I just figure it out! lol

So I really need your help to be sure to give you as my readers the info that you come here for! No you're not my 'followers' you are my readers, and my biggest motivation!

Come on and give me your feedback please!!!! Share with me some of your goals and somethings you want me to touch on, email me, or comment below! Also, in the next couple of weeks I will be having my VERY first BLOG GIVEWAY!! I could not be more excited about this! But, I will keep you posted...I'm still working out all that's going into it!!! So stay tuned!

Have a happy Monday and a great week!