Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'll Take Exercise for 500 Alex!!!!

Afternoon peeps!! So I've been working out, Oh about 2 years now and I'm one of those people that think too much......I always wonder "what happens to my body during my workouts?" So I was going to share some info that I've found and I hope this helps! If not blame someone else. LOL!

  •  Muscles
Working out builds nice muscle definition...come on....who doesn't want that? Pretty lean muscles looks good on everyone! And when you build that muscle it turns your body into a "Fat buring machine" baby! People with more muscle in their body burn 50 extra cals vs the other guy!!! Sign Me up!!! It also boosts your metabolism...you look taller leaner, happier and healthier with some nice ole guns to show off!!!! Boo-Yah!
  • Heart
The good ole "heart" hey a "muscle" in itself!! Yes we all know the mushy stuff when it comes to the heart <eyes roll> what about the exercise stuff? The American Heart Association states that exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart disease(30 mins? ok I can handle that). A stronger heart will improve your circulation, reduce inflammation in the arteries and keep the blood vessels flexible by preventing the buildup of waste in the bloodstream.
  • Lungs
When you start to build nice strong lungs, you start to notice that you are able to last long during your workouts, then before!! You run the same flight of stairs at home in the beginning and you feel like you are about to go into cardiac arrest...but then suddenly over time after not giving up on your workouts, you began to notice that you just got to the top of the stairs and you didn't have the urge to throw up your spleen this time!!!! See, you just made those steps yo biiitch!! lol But seriously, you've built strong muscles, you have a good amount of blood pumping to your heart, your lungs are clear and powerful....I think you got this whole workout thing mastered!!! Boo-Yah!!!!

WORKOUT people, it will change your life and you look GREAT on the inside and OUT!! Double package!! You feel good about you and soon everyone that said you couldn't do it, start to ask "how did you do it?" and what's your secret girl? Just say "it's no secret, I've changed my life that's all", because I want to live and be better then yesterday and accomplish more today, and run and jump and dance tomorrow!!!! < but remember? Working out is 20% then rest is left up to what you put on your plate> A blog for another day!!! And I'll show you how to tackle that other 80%!! Don't worry I gotcha back!

My Tuesday thought!!!!