Monday, July 08, 2013

Had a Great few days off!!

Hope everyone had a BOMB weekend!!! AHH we didn't do much....but we did enjoy ourselves, just being with one another!! FAM time is the best DAMN time~!!

Had to get my Saturday morning cardio in, with a lil step aerobics, with my DIVAS!! 
Yes, I look craz, but hell I was tired!! 900 calls burned! BOO-YAH!

Family time!!!1
Brandon and I had some mommy and baby kissing moments!! love them! One day he wont want my kisses!

We all had to take a pic together!!!! Brandon was laughing sooooo hard about something when I took it that he didnt even hear me say look at the camera!! Silly Boy!!

Then we got up and went SHOPPING!!!! Heeeeeey! Now what woman is going to turn down her man when he says "Oh baby let me buy you something" shiiiittt I was the first one in the car!!! 
Yea, buddy!!! This is my NEW bomb dress from Old Navy, (from hubby) this dress is so comfortable!!

We had a quiet weekend of just us....and you know those are the best weekends in my opinion!!! Awwwww!!!!

Lastly, why did I run across this nasty made me wanna barf pic from Oprah and Dr. Oz, that almost made me never want fried chicken again!! (Ok that was dramatic) Lol! Well in other words it made me aware of what I didn't want on me anymore!!!
FATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!! Get it off!!!!

Sorry I'm so lazy and just got around to blogging this today!! Dang, I need to work on time management skills!! Oh well I'll save that for another blog, where I can complain about myself!!! Blah blah!!!

Nighty, night peeps!!!  Leave you with a pic of this cutie booty!!!