Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fun Things today!

Today I need all the help I can get from you guys....so remember how I told y'all that me and my Facebook Group called the 'Shrinking Mommas' have started our new challenge and we are doing Shaun T's new workout called Focus T25? Ok well, I'm going to do something that I never thought I would....I want to post my measurements and weight for you, so that you can follow me through this WHOLE 10 week journey and make me held accountable when I go to reach for that piece of cake!

Here it is out in full flesh for the WORLD:: (by the way, today marks week 2)(I will post my before and after pics when the program is DONE). Throughout this program I will be watching my diet closely, but not following his meal plan.


WEIGHT: (ugh!): 177lbs
BMI:    28.4
ARMS:  11.75
WAIST:  29
HIPS:   40

So I will be weighing in after month (Alpha)1 then again after month (Beta) 2, then I'll decide if I will start his 3rd part of the workout called Gamma!

Ok now you can see, it's ALL out! God, I pray that T25 at least puts these hips in the 30's!

Let's see what I have on my phone for ya!

 I wanted to show you some cool phone apps that I use: I have an Iphone, so I'm not clear if most or any of these are on any other phone! Sorry

I'll start off with some Fitness apps:

1. Nike Training Club : This one is cool because, it allows you to pick your level of fitness and find customizable workouts. And you can add them to your favorites if you want to do them again later or share them with people. 

2. Workout Trainer: This one is much like Nike trainer, it just has a few more workouts than nike does and it has videos to show you how to do the movements correctly. Plus a community of people that you can grab workouts from one another! Another thing is, everyday you log onto this one they will have some sort of a Bootcamp or challenge that they have going and you can purchase it and join the rest of the people that are doing it, with customizable meal plans too, so you can achieve your goals!

1. Food apps are always fun to me, because they can provide different ways to enjoy your favorite things, just in a healthier way. My FAVORITE out of these is the HealthyOut app. It allows you to plug in what things you are trying to achieve in your diet while dining out, I.E. if you are going for no carbs, low sodium, low cal, or whatever....you type that in to the search and BAM up pops a restaurant that can fit your needs and your diet! So see, you can change your life without taking out ALL the things you enjoy! And there's no way that you are going to live on earth thinking you can avoid restaurants all together! So try these apps and tell me what you think! The other two are ok, but I'm not a huge fan of them, but maybe someone can find some use for them better then I could, so that's why I made sure to show them to you! (;

*One more thing* 

Also I swear by MyFitnessPal!! So if you want me to help you, just find me at Cynthiajohnson10, and I can be there every step of the way!!! I would looooove to shoot you a message to remind you "hey you haven't logged in, in 3 days"!! ummmm get on it!! lol But seriously, if you can see it sometimes, then maybe you'll believe it!