Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday link-up!

Today I was joining Darci's link-up!! So, here goes my <very random 5>.

I've had a really amazing week!!...Tuesday, I started off with my BFFs guest posting on my blog their success stories!. We had so much fun doing this. I hope everyone enjoyed each ladies amazing journey. They are a blessing! <Thank you to Skinny Meg for mentioning Jen's story on her Facebook FanPage>
On Thursday, I had the MOST absolute honor to guest post on Mama Laughlin's blog! I know I had a long story, lol But I couldn't be happier to get to share it with everyone, and have people get to know me and my lil ol'blog over here! 
Why was I on Pinterest last night, and thought this was THE coolest sign, and wanted it in my living room...side note: I'm not a good decorator, and I secretly wish I possessed that talent! Oh, well, in the meantime I'll just wish I had this HUGE sign in our blank living room! 

For 'Throwback Thursday', I put pics of Bran up on my Instagram....awwwwww, I miss those days! ummmmm if you aren't following me on Instagram, you are missing out!! I post some crazy stuff! haha<totally kid-approved, promise lol> 
This is so true...I'm telling you.. I say this same thing every Monday morning, rolling out of bed for work!

Happy Friday All!!!