Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My BeachBody workout reviews!

These are ALL just from my own personal experiences with each program! 
I received a request from one of my readers and she wanted me to share my reviews on some of the BeachBody workouts that I've done thus far:

{1}.  TurboFire: The original ---started weight at 226 pounds and when done I was 195 pounds (-31 lbs)
PROs: (Y'all know I love pictures)

  • I loved the music and the upbeat of Chalene and the WHOLE crew!
  • The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that Chalene does is so much fun, my fav is HIIT 15, just 15 mins and BAM you're done! 
  • She incorporates strength training in her program and ABs, so that you aren't only focused on cardio.
  • Having a modifier in the program was great for me, because when I started TF I was so badly out of shape.
  • Boy, I can't lie this one is hard, but one con is that Chalene doesn't really explain a lot, and I found a lot of people saying that in reviews too. 
  • As you advance in the program the workouts do tend to get longer over the months. And if you are trying to balance life, that can get a little complicated.
  • The length of the program was long 20 weeks!

{2} Insanity: The mother of ALL workouts! lol started at 195 pounds when done I was down to 178ish (-17) then after doing it for (6 months) my weight did not change but, my BMI and inches did! 

  • I truly looooove Insanity, mainly because of the amazing results that I received in such a short amount of time! In the second month alone I had lost 17 pounds, when I did round 1. I ended up doing Insanity for 6 months instead of the 60 days! That's how much I loved it!
  • The length of the program 60 days...
  • The first month, once you get thru the 20 mins warmup, the workout was 20 mins or so!
  • Shaun T is BRILLIANT, meaning he designs his programs to where they are usually about 60 days, but he has it where you don't necessarily shed fat the first month, but you build muscle, then when you enter the last phase of the program....that's when the pounds come rolling off! BUT, word of advice, never give up on Insanity because you don't see a huge weight loss after going thru month 1, I promise it works and you will get some nice body rewards at the end!
  • Only thing I hate is in Month 2 the workouts are so long, almost makes you quit your day job just to complete them! But worth it!

{3} Asylum: Seemed to be more for people who are into athletics, then your day to day mommy looking to get fit.

  • This is a good program for people who are into different sports and looking to stay fit in off season.
  • Very different and my body needed a change
  • Liked it because it was getting me ready for fall soccer, which I haven't played in like yearssss.
  • Workouts are lengthy
  • Requires a lot of equipment 
  • Requires a lot of space in your home
  • My body really did not change much, just kept me fit (which could be a pro) lol
{4} Focus T25: Absolutely loooooove!---starting at 177ish to be cont....

  • OMG where do I start with saying how much I love this program so far! The length of time is the best
  • They have a modifier in the program
  • He has both strength training and ABs in this 
  • On friday you don't have just ONE 25 min workout you have 2!!!! UGH 50 mins with NO break! Can you say 'No Bueno"? THE PAIN!!! 

So those are all the BeachBody workouts that I've done so far and completed, (well, we just started T25 2 weeks ago)! I hope that each of you decide on trying one of these and let me know what you think and share with me your results, even if you hate one of them, because personally, I tried P90x and I did not like it at all!!! Please let me know if I missed something that you may have had a question on. (:

Happy Hump Day Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fun Things today!

Today I need all the help I can get from you remember how I told y'all that me and my Facebook Group called the 'Shrinking Mommas' have started our new challenge and we are doing Shaun T's new workout called Focus T25? Ok well, I'm going to do something that I never thought I would....I want to post my measurements and weight for you, so that you can follow me through this WHOLE 10 week journey and make me held accountable when I go to reach for that piece of cake!

Here it is out in full flesh for the WORLD:: (by the way, today marks week 2)(I will post my before and after pics when the program is DONE). Throughout this program I will be watching my diet closely, but not following his meal plan.


WEIGHT: (ugh!): 177lbs
BMI:    28.4
ARMS:  11.75
WAIST:  29
HIPS:   40

So I will be weighing in after month (Alpha)1 then again after month (Beta) 2, then I'll decide if I will start his 3rd part of the workout called Gamma!

Ok now you can see, it's ALL out! God, I pray that T25 at least puts these hips in the 30's!

Let's see what I have on my phone for ya!

 I wanted to show you some cool phone apps that I use: I have an Iphone, so I'm not clear if most or any of these are on any other phone! Sorry

I'll start off with some Fitness apps:

1. Nike Training Club : This one is cool because, it allows you to pick your level of fitness and find customizable workouts. And you can add them to your favorites if you want to do them again later or share them with people. 

2. Workout Trainer: This one is much like Nike trainer, it just has a few more workouts than nike does and it has videos to show you how to do the movements correctly. Plus a community of people that you can grab workouts from one another! Another thing is, everyday you log onto this one they will have some sort of a Bootcamp or challenge that they have going and you can purchase it and join the rest of the people that are doing it, with customizable meal plans too, so you can achieve your goals!

1. Food apps are always fun to me, because they can provide different ways to enjoy your favorite things, just in a healthier way. My FAVORITE out of these is the HealthyOut app. It allows you to plug in what things you are trying to achieve in your diet while dining out, I.E. if you are going for no carbs, low sodium, low cal, or type that in to the search and BAM up pops a restaurant that can fit your needs and your diet! So see, you can change your life without taking out ALL the things you enjoy! And there's no way that you are going to live on earth thinking you can avoid restaurants all together! So try these apps and tell me what you think! The other two are ok, but I'm not a huge fan of them, but maybe someone can find some use for them better then I could, so that's why I made sure to show them to you! (;

*One more thing* 

Also I swear by MyFitnessPal!! So if you want me to help you, just find me at Cynthiajohnson10, and I can be there every step of the way!!! I would looooove to shoot you a message to remind you "hey you haven't logged in, in 3 days"!! ummmm get on it!! lol But seriously, if you can see it sometimes, then maybe you'll believe it!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Just need to tell ya something?

Today, I just wanted to be honest with everyone that has become my new you read anything from me from now on, you'll see I'm very honest and want you all to enjoy being here on my blog, because I understand that you have the choice not to be here and taking the time reading anything from me, but I'm honored that you've chose to come and read!

So here goes:

Ever since I guest posted on Mama Laughlin's blog Thursday, I've been so nervous to blog because before I guest posted I really did not have an audience except my close friends and family that knew of me. Please know that I'm not at all complaining or ungrateful for having the opportunity to share my LONG weight loss story, because I'm over the moon excited and happy and thank all of you for reading, and Mama L for having me! But now that I'm starting to have people know my little ol'blog is here, I feel like I'm going to screw up and bore everyone, and I want to be the opposite.

So I want each of you to know that, my main goal here is to inspire, motivate, and help each of you know that you too can achieve great things during your weight loss or whatever it is you are doing, and I'm happy to help. So please email me, Facebook me, anytime and ask questions on whatever. As some of you already know, I'm a chatter and I love talking to people, and I can talk for hours. LOL! But that's just me and you'll see that over time...hahaha what I'm I talking read my long post already Thursday so you've figured that much out.

To the ones that have sent me messages and comments, I'm so happy to meet you and I hope I've answered you all in a timely manner....over the last few days, I've had the BEST messages from you and I'm so grateful!!! I love helping people and I'm starting to really enjoy blogging, and from talking to all the veteran bloggers, I understand that it takes time to build viewers.....but most importantly to me is I receive all of y'alls feedback so that I can make sure I touch on topics that you want to hear or have questions on. Within my blog, I do discuss my family and friends periodically, I talk about different recipes that I myself have tried or plan on trying that I find on Pinterest mostly. I discuss information that I find that will help you and me when it comes to weight loss, fitness, and just things that are plain ole motivation!

Trust me I've started to learn that blogging can be so hard you guys....I mean it looks super easy, but in reality it is hard. So I have great respect for ALL the bloggers out there that are blogging and have blogged for many years!! I've just started this in February and I've just started in May being very consistent with it. I'm new and already found myself in several 'writer's blocks' or I like the term 'brain farts'! haha Often find myself looking like this.....but I just figure it out! lol

So I really need your help to be sure to give you as my readers the info that you come here for! No you're not my 'followers' you are my readers, and my biggest motivation!

Come on and give me your feedback please!!!! Share with me some of your goals and somethings you want me to touch on, email me, or comment below! Also, in the next couple of weeks I will be having my VERY first BLOG GIVEWAY!! I could not be more excited about this! But, I will keep you posted...I'm still working out all that's going into it!!! So stay tuned!

Have a happy Monday and a great week!

Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday link-up!

Today I was joining Darci's link-up!! So, here goes my <very random 5>.

I've had a really amazing week!!...Tuesday, I started off with my BFFs guest posting on my blog their success stories!. We had so much fun doing this. I hope everyone enjoyed each ladies amazing journey. They are a blessing! <Thank you to Skinny Meg for mentioning Jen's story on her Facebook FanPage>
On Thursday, I had the MOST absolute honor to guest post on Mama Laughlin's blog! I know I had a long story, lol But I couldn't be happier to get to share it with everyone, and have people get to know me and my lil ol'blog over here! 
Why was I on Pinterest last night, and thought this was THE coolest sign, and wanted it in my living room...side note: I'm not a good decorator, and I secretly wish I possessed that talent! Oh, well, in the meantime I'll just wish I had this HUGE sign in our blank living room! 

For 'Throwback Thursday', I put pics of Bran up on my Instagram....awwwwww, I miss those days! ummmmm if you aren't following me on Instagram, you are missing out!! I post some crazy stuff! haha<totally kid-approved, promise lol> 
This is so true...I'm telling you.. I say this same thing every Monday morning, rolling out of bed for work!

Happy Friday All!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Post With Mama Laughlin Today!!!

Today, I had the chance to guest post over at Mama Laughlin's blog! So please check it out!!!

Let's All meet Amber: Part 3: You don't have to be a blogger to have a story

Sad to say....but today is the last day of our weight loss story week, but before we end this AMAZING WEEK!! I have to introduce my beautiful, fun, caring friend Amber.

Amber's story is wonderful! She is a mommy of 2 and a wife and she balances working out, family and working (job 1), in addition to ALL of that, she has an amazing photo business she owns, where she does great pics called Amber Jane Images(job 2), (are y'all exhausted yet?) she even took our family pics HERE! Go check out her Facebook fan page! Amber does a lot, but I've never heard her complain, she just smiles!!!! But, Amber's weight loss story is so inspiring and many mommies can relate to this. I know she inspires me! She also, heads our Facebook group called Shrinking Mommas! She has us all doing the new Shaun T's Focus T25 workout now as our next challenge! And we are having a blast getting fit together and sharing tips!

THE FLOOR IS ALL YOURS AMBER, I'll shut up now:::

When Cynthia asked me to do a guest post on my weight loss journey, Iʼm not going to lie, I was nervous and not sure what to say. Iʼm still not sure how to put my story into words, but here it goes. I never really struggled with weight until I went to college. I was pretty small in high school and very active in sports, but in college I packed on the pounds, more than just the average Freshman 15. I think it was a combination of not being as active, stress, and fast food...oh the fast food. I donʼt really remember being concerned or aware that I was over weight either. Then one day I woke up and realized I was buying very large pants and if I didnʼt change soon I would no longer be able to buy clothes from regular stores. I found myself wondering how I even ended up there. I joined a gym and started doing Weight Watchers. I worked hard and lost the weight and kept it off for several years. When I got married I was the smallest I had ever been, I weighed 135 lbs. 

Since then I have had two babies. With my first pregnancy I felt like it was the first time in my life I could eat and not care. But boy did that catch up to me. I gained 70 pounds with my first pregnancy. It took me forever to start losing that weight too. I tried Weight Watchers again and doing exercies at home, but pregnancy weight is hard to lose. I was about 15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight when I got pregnant with my second baby. The second time I tried to be better, but it was pretty much the same! I gained 65 pounds and since I started at a much higher weight, well, letʼs just say by the end I was huge! I remember at my last doctorʼs visit when I saw the nurse write down 218 pounds, I wanted to crawl in a hole. I was so upset with myself and embarrassed that I had gained so much weight...again! 

Gaining so much so fast left my body stretched and saggy and just plain over weight. I didnʼt try to lose the weight right away for several reasons. The biggest reason was I was nursing and didnʼt know how to balance that with working out. But after seeing pictures of myself at Christmas I knew it was time to get my butt in gear! 

I tried several things on my own at home, but I just wasnʼt motivated. My sister in law had just joined a gym and told me I should check it out. Now, I am a pretty shy person, and I do not like going into social settings to do new things by myself. So the thought of joining a gym just made me cringe. But, I knew if she was going to meet me there and if I had paid money it would be a lot easier to make myself go. Something about spending money makes you feel obligated! So, I signed up. I started going to Step and Body Pump classes and eventually tried Turbo and Zumba(I hid in the back row for months!). I lost about 60 lbs in the first year before hitting a plateau.

I couldnʼt get that scale to budge! I had been watching Cynthia get smaller and smaller every week and get more and more toned. When I asked what she had been doing she told me she was doing Insanity. I wanted to try it to see if I could get results, but I was scared! Have you seen that infomercial?!? So we got together with a group of girls and all started Insanity together. I had tried stuff on my own at home before and never stuck with anything so I knew if I was going to make it for 9 weeks I was going to need all the support and accountability I could get. We all set out to do it together and we all finished! It was such a great challenge and I learned that I can do so much more than I think I can. That stuff was just INSANE!! It was hard, but we didnʼt give up. We did all 63 days! And as a result, I lost 15 lbs and 16 total inches. I busted right through that plateau. Challenge yourself to do something new! I promise you will be happy you did!

So here we are almost two years later and, Iʼm still going to the gym 4 days a week, Iʼve completed Insanity, ran my first 5k, and Iʼm proud to say I have lost that baby weight. Since I had my baby in Sept 2011 I have lost 77 lbs.

But the best part of this journey for me isnʼt the weight loss, donʼt get me wrong I love that part, but the best part is all the new friendships Iʼve gained. Friends that are there to encourage me, and keep me accountable. Friends that challenge me to do new things and never give up! Itʼs because of my gym and the wonderful women Iʼve met there, my awesome sister-in-law, and a very supportive husband that letʼs me go work out every day that Iʼm writing here today. Each and everyone of them has encouraged me along the way and inspired me to keep going. 

So what now? Well, I have no plans of quitting just because Iʼve lost the weight, being healthy is a lifestyle. Iʼm a stay at home mom to two boys ages 4 and 2 which keeps me very busy! Going to the gym is my me time, my time away to de-stress and regroup. Plus I want to be healthy for them, and to set a good example for them. I donʼt want them to see me sitting around eating unhealthy foods. I want them to learn how to eat right and exercise. They actually love it when Momma exercises. They join right in the fun!

Enough talking letʼs get to what you really want to know...what did I do to lose the weight? Well hereʼs what worked for me. Iʼm not an expert and you should do your own research, or talk to a fitness professional, but here are just some pointers to get you started:
  1. 1)  Find an accountability partner! Someone you trust, someone who will make you get up and get moving. Someone who wonʼt let you quit!
  2. 2)  Join a gym! I canʼt tell you how much the gym has changed my life! If you canʼt afford a membership there are so many exercise programs you can do at home like Insanity or 30 Day Shred. Just find something that is hard for you to do, something that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat. And work out with a buddy! It really is much more fun this way and youʼre more likely to actually do it!
  3. 3)  Buy a heart rate monitor. I got mine several months after I joined the gym and let me tell you it changed the way I work out. You will see just how hard it is to burn off that piece of cake, or that chocolate you ate and you will be a lot less likely to eat it next time. Second, it helps you see if you are slacking during your work out or if you need to tone down the intensity a bit because your heart rate is too high. And third you can see exactly how many calories a day you are burning which leads me to my next point.
  4. 4)  Count your calories! I use the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. Itʼs so easy and helps you stay on track with your diet. I didnʼt do any specific diet, just counted calories and made better choices.
  5. 5)  Lift weights. No you wonʼt bulk up, youʼll get lean and toned! Cardio isnʼt enough.
  6. 6)  Have fun! If you make your work outs fun you will want to go back for more. If you
    just walk on a treadmill everyday you will get bored and want to give up. Change it up and make it interesting.
Here is one last before and after for you! Everyone has to start somewhere. Let today be that day! Thank you Cynthia for letting me share my story! I hope you all enjoyed it and can take something away from it that will help you!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meet Crystal: Part 2: You don't have to be a blogger to have a story

Today let's meet Crystal! Also known as our "Princess Diva"! Crystal is amazing! A mommy of 1 and a deep follower of God! Crystal has a very inspiring story to share with everyone! Losing weight is hard, but Crystal shows if you stick to it no matter what, you can achieve great things! And she's one of those cra cra people that wakes up to go to the gym before the sun is up! Jeez, what's wrong with her? hahaha!

Crystal, you have the floor beautiful:

How to make losing weight fun, challenging, exciting, most importantly how to make it a life change versus a diet...

Hello I'm Crystal, and I'm so glad to be able to share with everyone my weight loss story on Cynthia's blog today:

I started this journey alone and lost weight but it seemed long and boring not to mention stressful. I felt for years like I just couldn't keep the weight off, every time I lost I gained even more back, I got up to 258 lbs and kept gaining faster and faster. I would try every diet that came out and nothing stuck with me, I felt like a yo yo, until I decided enough was enough. I was tired of wasting money, eating awful foods, and not seeing any long term changes!
So, I made the choice to join a gym and soon, I met a group of amazing women that encouraged, inspired, and never gave up on me and this was way better than any diet I had ever tried. They shared their secrets with how counting calories really helped them and from there I started not only counting calories but decided to change some things in my life to better my life. I cut out foods that I felt were not healthy for me, like deep fried things, and oh I'm a lover of bread,  but when I changed those things and ate them in moderation this was when I noticed the change taking place with my body! I went through a lot of tough trials that really scared me and the doctors were threatening to do a surgery that would leave me not able to have kids but thanks to these amazing women that taught me to love myself enough to change my life, and to give up some things that I did not need to live a long promising joyful life.

I used to hate working out but I found out how to love and enjoy it. I now take up, spin classes, body pump, and turbo kick. Oh and like missydallas said, Yes I love waking up and starting my day off with a 5am class! So, now a days if I miss a work out I have such an off day, it's become my new 'high' in life! I find myself even working out on vacations because I found something that I love and more importantly enjoy doing. I never would have found this new joy and new me had I not decided to have a life change and have life.
Someone once said to live you cannot always be on a diet but I am not dieting and I am living. I eat anything I want just not as much but please believe I am not depriving myself. I for one love to snack and I still allow myself to snack just on the low calorie snack and they taste just as good. When I think about where I was last year I push myself even harder because I wasn't just overweight but I was facing some serious health problems and I am now not only thinner but healthier and happier!

Tips I use:

1.  Use a heart rate monitor- it so nice to see what you've achieved at the end of your workouts.
2.  Having a fun group of friends to keep you honest and accountable is so helpful.
3.  Sometimes buying new workout clothes can keep you motivated to go to the gym. 
4.  When you seem like you want to give up, just remember how far you've come and all the hard work you put in. 
5.  Incorporate your family into your new life style change....I love working out with my family. 
6.   Don't be afraid to reward yourself with some of your favorite things.
7.   I found tracking my food on Myfitness Pal really helped, because a lot of foods I would have never imagined some of the calories and sodium content in them.  

Losing weight can be challenging but it also can be fun, exciting, and rewarding if you find a group of supportive people to push, encourage, and support you. My group of ladies are not only women I work out with but they are my bff's, my sisters, women I call on to get me over the hill. I am so blessed and honored to have met these women and to call each of them friends. I dedicate my success and weight loss to each of them!!!!

Continue to follow MissyDallas because, she is one of those women who helped me get to where I am. I am not where I want to be but far from where I was and I know by the time we finish this next challenge we are starting in our facebook group 'Shrinking Mommas' I will so have met my goal. You will be able to find her recipes, inspiring stories and more so continue to follow her, you will so be glad you did, WISH YOU ALL MUCH LUCK AND SUCCESS!!!  Today I'm proud to say that I am down 73 pounds and AM never going back!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This is Jennifer's Story part 1: You don't have to be a blogger to have story!

I wanted to do something special to start off blog #100!!! I can't believe I've done that many post so far. So instead of these next few blogs being about me I want y'all to meet some beautiful ladies I have the pleasure of calling FRIENDS. I want to introduce my amazing friend Jennifer. She and I met at the gym about 2 years ago and we've been the best of friends every since! She is the BEST person ever, or as I like to call her 'My voice of reason'. Wait until you see the amazing journey Jen has taken thru her weight loss, you are going to be blown away!


Hi! I’m Jennifer….Let me first of all say that I feel so special to be posting the 100th blog for Cynthia’s blog “MissyDallas”!!! She is an AMAZING person and such an inspiration and one of my best girlfriends!!! Now on to the good stuff right???

She had to talk me into this blog because I am not good at sharing my weight loss journey with others.  Let’s just say I’m a little embarrassed that I allowed myself to gain so much weight. I don’t have kids so that’s definitely not an excuse I can use….I just have always worked a lot and for years I never made time to work out. Fast food was also my friend along with Pepsi and Dr. Pepper.

I have always struggled with my weight. I take after my Dad’s side of the family where all of the women are big. I was chunky in my early teens but smaller during high school.  I was always athletic and was on the drill team/dance team and played basketball and baseball so that helped keep my weight down.  After high school, I went to college and shared an apartment with 3 others girls that I knew. That’s when the weight started piling on. Again it was hard to find time to work out with the course load that I was taking and my part time job took up what was left of my time.  By the time I realized it I had gained probably 30 or 40 pounds (way more than the freshman 15)!!! A few years passed and I moved to Dallas and started at a different college. I actually started losing some weight but it didn’t last long. When I graduated I went to work for a hospital where I began working long days. I still work there and even though I am scheduled a 10 hr shift those can turn into 12 hr shifts sometimes depending on the patient load. Once again my weight headed upwards. By the time I got off work I was exhausted and didn’t even want to think about working out. I even took on a part time weekend job. I knew I was big but didn’t know where to start to fix the problem.

The best thing that ever happened was when my brother told me he was getting married. My soon to be sis-in-law was tiny (I think a size 0) and she asked me to be a bridesmaid.  All of the other 9 bridesmaids were little too. I didn’t want to be the only “big girl” in the wedding party and embarrass my brother so I had 9 months til wedding time to lose weight. I joined a gym because even though I had a treadmill and elliptical at home I never used it except to hang clothes on!!! I’m the type person that if I’m paying money for something I’m more likely to do it so I needed to pay for a gym membership. I also started a “biggest loser contest” at work and we all pitched in $20. After 4 months I had lost 40 pounds. I won the contest by far. I lost the 40 pounds strictly by doing the treadmill and elliptical and weights on my own at the gym. I also started counting calories and tried to eat no more than 1500/day. I eventually reached a plateau and was getting extremely bored with workouts. I had always watched the classes at the gym while doing cardio and thought I would try them.  My first class was turbo kick and OMG I didn’t think I was going to make it through but I did….and I went back the next week. Eventually I was having so much fun I tried other classes such as Zumba, Cardioblaster, Body Pump, Step, and even Spin classes. The weight started pouring off me. By wedding day in 2009 I had lost 60 pounds. I still wasn’t where I wanted to be but I was a smaller bridesmaid and my dress was a size 10. I was so happy with myself. Now it’s been almost 4 years and I am still working hard to maintain my weight. I keep a weight between 160-168 lbs or so and wear size mostly size 6 and some size 8. I am a much healthier person and have so much more energy. 

SO….NO MORE EXCUSES!!! Take it from me….you can do this no matter what your goals are!!!

My Rules….Suggestions….And what works for me (and I’m certainly no expert!!!)
  • Count Calories!!! I typically eat 2000 calories a day if I do some moderate exercise (meaning 1 class at the gym or running for 30 min)…If I do 2 or 3 classes then I up the calorie intake or if I don’t work out I drastically lower it. There are many places that give you calories on a menu or listed on your food container but there are also websites such as that tell you how many calories your favorite fast food meal has.
  • My philosophy is you have to work out enough to make up for what you eat. You can have the Mexican food that you love but you have to earn it and burn it first!!!
  • Treat yourself!!! Go ahead and get that new outfit when you lose that 10 pounds that you’ve been working hard to lose….you’ll probably need it anyway because you’ll need smaller clothes!
  • Workout with friends!!! Working out is hard enough but if you do it with friends it becomes fun and they can help keep you motivated!
  • Use a heart rate monitor/calorie counter watch to see what you are burning with each workout. When you can see what your hard work is giving you in return it is motivating!
  • Do the classes!!! I spent months on a treadmill and elliptical and got seriously burned out to the point where I almost wanted to quit!! I WAS BORED!! When you do classes you have more variety in your workouts so you don’t get bored and in many of the classes you’ll find that you burn way more calories than the treadmill! If you don’t have access to a gym then vary your workout at home with different workout videos. Doing the same routine over and over also causes your weight to plateau.
  • Don’t just do cardio….weight training burns some serious calories too and tones that fat to give you those awesome muscles…..Cause we don’t want to wear chicken wings on our arms right???
  • Don’t get ridiculous with the scale. Weighing yourself everyday is not necessary. I probably weigh myself every other week. It’s really more about how your clothes fit and how you feel than what the scale says.
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE….ALWAYS MAKE TIME TO WORKOUT!!! I don’t have kids but I do have a very time consuming/exhausting job and many days I don’t want to work out when I leave work. TRUST ME…just do it!!! You’ll feel so much better once you get in a good sweat and you’ll get that extra energy that helps you make it through the week.