Monday, June 03, 2013

Now that's a Pretty Muddy Run!!

Bye Bye to a great weekend!!!! If you have never got a chance to do a mud run or the Pretty Muddy Run....Boy you are missing out!! LOL...They gave us great gear also..!! I know mud sounds gross, but it was so much FUN, once you were in the mud you didn't care anymore!! I loved it soooo much that I can't wait till next year to do it all over again!!!!!!

Me, Amber, Jen, and Rhonda rode together to SkyLine Ranch....ummm let's just say we got lost along the way!! lol But we did finally make it to be able to do Zumba/Turbo before the run which started about 9!!
                                    Man we got our sweat on during that class!!!

We hung around till our wave started at 12, and got to watch Skinny Meg and Mama Laughlin entertain the audience in the Old Navy fashion show, they are too funny, they had everyone laughing the whole time!!! So we had to do our #flexbreak in honor of them before our run!! 
                                 Thanks again Vanessa for our awesome tops: check out RufflesWithLove

Then HERE COMES THE MUDDDDDD!!!!! We were the last wave of the day!!! Saved the best, most fun ladies for last!!!

                                                             We did it!!!!
 But I had to go home and watch Brandon play in the water, before meeting the GIRLS for dinner!!! LOL He's so funny!!!!!!

                                                 Now...whose ready to eat??? Besides me!!! Like always!!

Heck yea, we had to have Cristina's for some good ole ~margarita's and laughs~!!!!!!!!! I think we clean up mighty nice!!!!!!

                                              Now, Rachael...that's a Margarita!!!! beerrita!!!!

Oh what fun.....!! Words can't express how much I enjoyed each one of you ladies!!! Can't wait to come back from vaca next week and plan our next event!!!!!!!!

Till next time!!!!!! Have a blessed week!! Everyone