Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Can Stay Looking HOT while on VACA!!

Today I was thinking...This time of year everyone is going on vaca somewhere...because, DUH it's the summer and the kiddos are out of school, so it's much needed family time for people!

I wanted to share a cool "Vacation Workout" that you can take anywhere and do just about anywhere. Hey, just because you are on vacation, doesn't mean that you can't tackle yourself a nice workout! And still stay fit, so when you come back home, you'll still be able to stay in your routine of things. As we all know sometimes going away from your normal life can throw you off a bit, especially when you're on vacation, because you want to do things that you don't do at home. We eat a lot, drink a lot and go go go, but before you do all that let's hit the beach, or hotel room, or find you some space and about 30 mins for yourself.... and let's go!! ( Also, Pilates Bands are great and easy to take anywhere too, you can find some AWESOME workouts on Pinterest so you can use them)! (;

Start off by getting in a nice 10 minutes of cardio(: Run, jog, whatever works for you! Then let's do the following: If you don't know some of the moves, feel free to YouTube them ( you'll find hundreds of people showing you the moves!) If you are an IPHONE user I have 2 pretty cool music apps that can help you get ya jam on while doing this too!!! (FitRadio and AOL Radio) fun APPS!

Let's JAM!!!

Happy Hump Day,